The Family
Chuck, Rackson, Heath, Grace, Rackson Jr., Sheila

Such a Welcome !!!!!

Rackson news

The trip to the United States has brought some interesting days. Arriving at Washington D.C. airport separated Chuck from Rackson for two hours. Chuck an American citizen goes one way and Rackson sent another way. They asked and asked Rackson why he was here, how long he was to be in the United States and who paid for his trip. As he explained many times he is here to Thank those for helping with the mission in Malawi and give an update to those many churches and people that have so much love and Prayers for the children and people of Malawi. The immigration kept telling Rackson to go! Just go! Rackson with a deer in the head lights look said WHERE? It can be confusing for someone that is honest and innocent coming to the land we take so much for granted.
Rackson's first week has been so overwhelming. Lots of food, lots of people doing something or going somewhere! Electricity when you want it, Water when you want it, and Lots of food when you want it! You know Chuck when he is hungry there is Chuck.

Thank You Mike and Pastor for taking Rackson on his first fishing trip! WHY do you throw back the fish???

Coming to America

I spoke to Chuck and Rackson on Sunday night at 9pm our time, they were heading out at 3am their time for the trip to Lilongwe to the Embassy. Rackson has practiced and practiced what he is going to say so he isn't so nervous!!! I think the excitement of coming to America is to much for the young man! We get that way when we travel to a new place, however I think about what this means to a young man that has always lived in poverty and knows the village life. Rackson has done so well with the Bible teaching and it shows in his heart how much the Lord means to him! Chuck has remarked it took him till he was 64 years old to have a kid and what a kid he is! We are so proud of Rackson and his walk with the Lord!
3 am Rackson calls to tell Mum she can go to sleep now! I told him I was going to pray all night for their safety and for the papers! He was right I fell asleep right after I hung up and said THANK YOU LORD! Praises! for the wonderful ways he gives us so much. This was meant for Rackson and not just what we want for him! We are excited to see what the Lord has in store while Rackson is here!
Off to pack so more! I think I should think about where I will put my clothes!

The Monday trek!

Monday will be trip number 2! Chuck and Rackson will head to Lilongwe to the Embassy. Chuck tells me there is nothing like being on U.S soil even in Malawi! All the years of being on ship in the Navy and different ports all over the world gives your heart good when you step on American soil and see that U.S. Flag.
Chuck has quizzed and quizzed Rackson to help with the nerves! Rackson wants so much to come to the States! The trip to the United States will mean time with Pastor Bill learning about the Old Testament. How does the Old Testament tie into the New Testament. Visiting Pastors come to Malawi with a lot of Old Testament teaching. Rackson will also travel with Chuck to visit churches to present and update the works in Malawi.
The week has been busy with preparing for more visitors! I hear they are excited to work! Lots of Souls to tell about Jesus!
1 Cor 3:7-9

7 So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth ; but God that giveth the increase.

8 Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one: and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour.

9 For we are labourers together with God: ye are God's husbandry, ye are God's building.

Off to Lilongwe on Monday!

Rackson has all his paperwork, that is till the Embassy says different. Monday early Chuck and Rackson will head to Lilongwe to get Rackson's papers to come to the States. I see excitement!
The past week has been very busy with little time to play. Chuck has been helping Bro. Mark Logan with the preaching, John Fullford has helped also, and lots to do with all the National Pastors and families at the Mapangua campus. Chuck arrives at the house and heads to his bed and collapses to be ready for the next day. The excitement of what is happening is a blessing for him!

Chuck has had time to help the girls do the dishes and show the girls the Monk side of him. He has also been polishing the sink in Malawi. There is still a spot (water drip) in the sink at home that will have to wait for him. Only Chuck can polish a sink!
The blessing of having a recording of the Sunday service before he left has been wonderful. Bro. Danny Cook sang a song "Pray for me and I Pray for You" has a special meaning for Chuck. Lots of prayers are going out both ways and lots of prayers are being felt in Malawi! Chuck also listens to the Pastors sermon and this time he can fall asleep without getting caught(you just did). Sitting in the front row does not permit your head to drop. The recording gives him comfort of home! Thank you all for your prayers!

New pictures!

I have also posted on Victory World Blog new pictures!
Here are some of Bible Way Malawi!

The choir in their new outfits!

news from Chuck August 1st

For those of you who know Chuck, I have kept the kitchen sink polished and the rug at the front door turned just so and the list he has written is being checked off. He is funny! Don't tell him but the sink has a spot.
Saturdays are full! Today was spent soul winning then back to the college. The young people are attending a Bible College and Chuck will spend an hour teaching. The children are our future and they are growing physically as well as spiritually.
The truck is running again. The crank shaft went the other day, then looking for parts was an all day job. Then another part broke. I think Chuck is spending more on parts than on petrol to run it. Which has delayed him going out to the villages to help the churches. January and February Chuck did a survey, a fact finding, of the churches and what their needs are. The month of August along with Bro. Logan will be helping to build these churches to make them stronger in Scripture. Stronger also so the nationals can go out to their villages and tell others about Jesus.

Good Samaritan news!

Dr. Gentry would like everyone to adopt Good Samaritan for your Vacation Bible School project!
It would mean so much to the children!

Thandwe and Victoria are working on a project of putting together prayer cards for each of the children. We will have each of the childrens names and general information and picture. This will be available to the churches and individuals for sponsoring and writing to the children. Look for this soon!

The Adventure continues!

The first picture was taken in April 2008 when Crystal was in Malawi adopting Savannah Hope. The children are Savannah's sisters the twins. They have been at the orphanage for six months or more and see the difference. Today they went to the airport to see the visitors from Indiana leave on an airplane. They were sitting on Chuck's lap playing as the plane took off. They are no longer afraid and as you can see they are so happy and healthy. God has provided in so many ways.
The missing luggage has also arrived! Chuck tells me the children will stop throwing water on him! He will have clean clothes.

Chuck has arrived!

I apologize to those following the blog, I had forgotten to post the arrival news! I have been updating my facebook page and forgot the blog.
Chuck did arrive in Johannesburg as scheduled and had a great nights rest. In the morning he remembered the 2005 trip but still had the second cup of coffee (they missed their plane) and went to the international terminal. However, I think the luggage went to the other terminal, it did not make it. So as they say there is another day to trek to the airport. The visitors from Indiana will be leaving (everyone is sad to see that happen) on Saturday so the trip will still be made to the airport, a bitter sweet trip.
Chuck is feeling loved by the Fullford children. They had balloons in his room and when he turned down the sheets there were pictures of bugs in his bed. He sure enjoys the teasing but look out. He did have to watch a Hallmark movie that night since he sent so many John Wayne movies. haha! Johnathon has grown a foot and bends to get through the doorway. Look out Chuck!
Chuck's arrival to Malawi was Wednesday so he immediately was able to spend time with the children at the orphanage. I am like all of you I too want pictures! How big have the children gotten. Where are their smiling faces? Soon I hope!

A note from Chuck

Dear Friends of the ministry, I will be leaving for Malawi this coming Monday and will be on the field Wednesday afternoon Lord willing. I will have a stopover in JoBurg, South Africa for the night so I get a good rest after the long flight. I hope to get a newsletter out while in country, I will gather information from Dr. Gentry and Bro. John Fullford plus what I can contribute. I will be communicating with Sheila best I can and she will put it together and send it along, that is the intention but who knows? In the last newsletter I sent there was a needs section from John, please re-read and see what you can do to make his/orphanage needs be filled. The container leaves for Malawi in November as I recall so if you have something that will help please contact Dr. Gentry as soon as you can and go from there. Also when I get back it I will be bring Rackson a national evangelist for the Good Samaritan missions and plan to contact all the churches I can to set up meetings. So stay by your phones with a pencil and paper with the dates you want me to come for a visit. I do not know how long Rackson will be here but I will love having him, he is a wonderful young man and loves the Lord. He is my son in the gospel. I will miss all of you and will tell you now I NEED your prayers. I go to Malawi with little or no plans, I just leave it up to the Lord on how he will use me. There is so much to be done in all areas of the ministries that planning gets in the way of what the Lord is doing sometimes. I know I will be visiting the churches and working with Gentry and Fullford at the orphanage and college. I will be having a dedication of the church in Njuli that was planted last year. I have members from Bible Way Baptist coming to be a part of that as the church worked so hard with Bible Way Baptist Good Samaritan Church in Malawi over this past few months of the building program. I wish you all could be there. I will send back pictures with Sheila as with the speed of the local internet if I sent one it might take the rest of my time just waiting of the sent message to appear. I will pray for you and your work in the Lord. Because of the Cross, Chuck Miller

Preach, Preach, Preach

Time is going fast! and faster!

The time is almost here and it has gone fast. Do you think the time while he is gone will go as fast?
Is there enough medication as Chuck counts the boxes. He has been packing all day and there still isn't enough room for me or all the needed items that has been asked for! He did find room for the chocolate chips and some Peppridge farm dressing ( I think a turkey that has pecked John is getting cooked).
Rackson has decided to take his blanket and stay at the airport until Father gets there!! He is so dedicated. I just couldn't disappoint him and tell him it will be a few more days. Hopefully there will be no glitches at the airport in North Carolina or Washington DC this time.
Chuck is not sure there is a Dave's Famous BBQ in Malawi so he wants to go one more time! I think he is storing for winter. It is in the 40's at night in Malawi and yes they are in their winter even though the day temperature is in the 70's. The twins (Savannah's sisters) have been so cold so we were able to find some turtle neck shirts and some jackets for the girls and for Rackson and Grace's boys! I hope the children don't grow to much before I get to see them.

The packing has begun!

July is almost here and John, Darcy and the children have started to look for Chuck! He is there I tell them but they haven't seen him! That is because he never left. His mind is always there as well as mine but our bodies are here in Florida.
The excitement is high for Rackson to see Father again and he tells us Father will be so happy with the progress of the Bible Way Malawi in Njuli. The church members are preparing for him also. It will be so nice to see them all again when I go!
Do you have room for chocolate chips? We have 30 Bibles and eye glasses and medical supplies and wingnuts and wire cutters and tools and and and. Chuck doesn't need clothes! There is always room for chocolate but we know Chuck can smell chocolate from afar, I am not sure they will make it. Elizabeth and Sarah promise chocolate chip cookies, maybe they will make it.
Here it is a hot summer of 100 degrees, 100 percent humidity and the start of hurricane season. Isn't Chuck the smart one. The temperature has been in the 70's in Malawi. How fast can I pack my bags????

Rackson news

Hie Dad and Mum
I hope your doing fine there in America I and my family God has still bless us and the church is growing so wonderful, A and now we still doing floor and we done with pulpit,
Dad let me tell you some thing wonderful, the visitor's (Indiana girls) they come to our church Last Sunday, so i was asking the church to pray for you when your coming back, and to pray because we was out of cement, so at the end of serves they said they will buy us 20 bags of cement and they did it, So now I am very happy with that,
lastly I am waiting to see you soon,
I love you and praying for you ( you are lovely father God bless you ) FATHER'S DAY

Rackson Prayer letter

2009 PRAYER LEETER(letter)

Dear Pastor and praying friends,
Fist(first) we would like to greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Back to us here in Malawi, God is faithful to our Church; the church is growing in numbers and sprirtuary, now we need to thank you for your help we lily(really) thank you for (the) church building (it is a) nice one,
We ask you to pray for us. We need a big help from God, like church doors cement baptism dam, choir uniform and church sets (seats). Please pray for us, you can see church and the Christian looks like.
We have 200 members now but by Gods grace we going to have more because every Sunday people still come to join us we lily(really) thank God for that, and we have a Bible study every Wednesday and winning the lost every Saturday.
Thank you God Bless you. Philippians 4:19

The letters in blue were added by me in order to help you understand a little better; otherwise it is from the pen of Rackson to your hearts. Chuck Miller

Thank YOU!

Brethren, here is the choir of Bible Way Malawi. Mostly the men as the women are at work, some things in their culture are not that bad. It is nice to see what a few bucks will do and I thank all of you for your support of the church and our ministry. God bless you. Chuck & Sheila

Choir pictures!

Dad I have sent you the pictures for our choir its looks good we have just starting floor from the pulpit but I have told you that its not enough so see the picture and the name of mark Logan in the wall I am very Happy because soon i will come to America with you, I will praying for you and mom, Say Hie To My Lovely Mum,

Your son