Funeral Report for Chief Doctors Mom

What a great report, you will notice that the Chief's mother has a very nice casket most of the people have just a plain wooden box. 1600 people at a funeral is a lot even by Malawi standards. What  a wonderful opportunity for the Word to be preached. I am so humbled to be a part of this ministry where Christ is lifted up and proclaimed to be the author and finisher of our salvation. And the work goes on. There might be a new church soon maybe two, way to go Rackson.

Bro. Chuck

Funeral Report
Dear Dad, we have very good funeral serves at Njuli, we went to the hospital to get body in the morning, and the serves start in 14hrs and more people come, as you know Malawi when we have funeral everybody needs to come, we have more than 1,600 people  so I preached to this people, and I thank God more people raise their hands for salvation, and I prayed with them, thank God that you was there by the time I was calling you for help, chief Doctor say thank you for help.
Now the church start to put some stuff to gather for the conference, because they have been asked me about this, and I said just put the stuff together for it, and then we can see when we can have the conference, if we have all the stuff ready. Please pray for Malawi ministry, we are still having two more villages around Bible way Baptist Church, where we are going for soul winning and have village church service still needs your prayers and help.
Your son.           
Rackson Kaiwe
Bible Way Baptist Church.
Phil 4:19

News about Chief Doctor's Mom

I received the following from Rackson while in NC visiting the Schenimann’s who both work in Malawi and we have spent much time together planning the work we do while in Malawi. I will send pictures of the people Rackson is talking about. The Chief’s mother is the one who was very instrumental in our receiving the land we have for the church building and the Chief made sure the price was right. Believe me when I say we got good land at a great price. The village is called Doctor and it is in the tribal area called Njuli. We have sent Rackson some money to help out in this time of need in the village and with the Chief’s family. I also got in contact with him and helped his planning. His report by phone was it was a very large gathering of people and he preached the funeral, many, many were saved at the preaching of the pure Gospel. When I get the pictures and more information I will send along. Please pray for the Chief and his family. When he first heard the Gospel he got jumping up and down saved and wanted his village to hear and that is why there is a Bible Way Baptist in Njuli, Africa.

 The picture of the Chief is when we presented him a bright colored shirt from America.
 The Chief’s mother is in the center, she was part of the church choir
 The Chief’s father is a wonderful man and was one of the first to become a member of BWBC Njuli, he is a real doctor.

The group shot is when we had a long visit with the Chief’s family