News from Njuli

Ah, it is so nice to get a letter from the son knowing he wanted it passed along to you all at the church. Enjoy. Chuck
I just need to pass Hello from the church at Bible way,
the church said they still praying for you and we are thank you very much for your prayers and support and work you have been doing to us
Thank you and God bless
Rackson Kaiwe
Evangelist Phil 4:19

Today's news!

Dad & Mom

I just wanna to let you know that we have a funnel (funeral) yesterday at Njuli one of the deacons died on Monday at Chiradzuru Hospital,

so they asked me to help to go to the hospital to get a body home so I did that and the service went OK Meny people come,

Henry and Andrew was there, I was happy to see more people raise there hand for salvation,

Thanks for your Prayer and Support,


Bible Way Njuli

Friends, I just got these pictures from Rackson and I wanted to get them to you. First let me say Rackson sends his love and thanks for your support in this project, the village was without clean water for several weeks and the chief (his name is doctor) very worried about his people, he was the first one who got saved in that village when Rackson and I presented the Gospel to him a few years back. He wanted the borehole (well) on the property of Bible Way Baptist Church if at all possible, you find water where you find water but told me no matter where the water was found that would be Bible Way Baptist's land. (the Chief is a good guy) we found water on church land and all was well for a while. As you all know there are a lot of poor (read have NOTHING) who live in Malawi and one night the thieves came and stole all the parts they could from the well rendering it useless.

Rackson called and told me and I e-mailed and told you and thank God many of you who know Rackson or know of him sent money to get the well repaired. I got the money to him as soon as I had enough ($600.00 +) and in no time things were happening. Thanks you and God bless you for what you have done.

The pictures tell the story and also give testimony of how they live in a village in Malawi.

Picture one is of Rackson's old truck with the new parts.

Picture two is workman laying out parts

Picture three is putting rods together, you can see the base of the well is for washing and drawing water Picture four is dropping rods for siphoning of the water Picture five is a gut standing on the well :) Picture six is Rackson overseeing the work (like he knows) Picture seven is running the last few rods Picture eight is, Glory to God, running water Picture ten is what was missing from last well, welding parts so they can't be removed

Rackson informs me that I have been calling the village Njuli and that is incorrect, Njuli is the region the village is call Doctor same as Chief's name, go figure.

Bible Way Baptist Church is in Njuli at Doctor just in case you plan to visit (if only)

Again thank you for your help and enjoy the pictures.

Because of the Cross.

Chuck Miller

News from Rackson!

The youth Ministry has started at Bible way Njuli Malawi, we have much fun on that day we gat 41 youth came to join, Please help us with prayer's

Package has arrived!

Hallo Mum and Dad

i thank you very much for the box you sent to me happy toys for the kids dvd,bags,pens and lotion, and nice letters i thank you very much it is blessing to my family to have this package, love you much your son

News from Rackson!

I went for Jesus film Last night it was so wonderful.

we have More than 940 people present and 617 got saved. and we have time to gave them the John and Romans Bibles,

To help them to grow in spiritually,

I wish to do this every week so please pray for me so that we can have support to rich (reach) people with the Gospel

Love you and God Bless
Rackson Kaiwe
Good Samaritan Children's Home Asst. Director
Phil 4:19

2010 in review for the Miller family

A Christmas remembrance of 2010

Oh what a year! God is good and He is good always. January was just the continuation of a wonderful event that started in October of 2009. As you all know Rackson Kaiwe, my son in the Gospel and the son of my heart has been with Sheila and me and will be for a few more weeks. When we brought him home from the airport and showed him the room he would be using he said “oh, my room is so beautiful” folks, it was our 3rd bedroom used as a sewing room and catch all (junk) room. In November and December we traveled all over the Southeast region of the good old U.S. and boy did we have a good time. Rackson enjoyed the many, many things we saw and did. A lot of time was spent studying the Old Testament under the teaching of Pastor Wright. The many lessons taught to us by Rackson while at Bible Way Baptist were as valuable as the lessons he learned from Pastor. All in all we are much learned people and God was glorified and His Son was lifted up. January is my birth month and what a great day was had with Sheila and my son, trust me we ate well and had fun for hours, so many things to cram in and time is running out. February was a bitter sweet month as Rackson left on the 13th I believe. We sent him home with a ton of stuff from people who met him and wanted to be a part of his life. Before he left we toured some places, Rock City, Lookout Mountain, Ruby Falls and many other places in Chattanooga and all things in between. Of all the things we did I think we enjoyed the evening at home just talking about whatever. If Rackson wanted for something all he had to do was look at Sheila and say “Mum” and whatever he wanted Sheila would make sure he got it. Rackson left with the promise of support of his mission to serve Christ. He also took many hearts back to Malawi but left a lot of love as a down payment on the future when we will all meet across the river. March was a little bleak both in spirit and weather and so it went for the next few months, staying in touch with Malawi and getting back to work with Bible Way. Sheila and I had a lot of catching up to do both at work for her and at home for me, did I mention I’m retired. As for going back to Malawi anytime soon that is a good news bad news situation. The good news is there is all the money we need for the work, the bad news is that it is still in the pockets of others. In July a little blessing named Stormy blew into our lives literally, we were watching a lightning storm from our porch and this little dog ran up and became the center of our life and home. We also received some sad news from my sister Barbara, Leighton her husband was not doing well and that maybe we should be heading for Portland, Ore. Well that is what we did and I am so glad we did. Leighton passed away within five days of our arrival. Sheila and I got to spend a little time with him in the hospital and hospice. We also were able to renew friendships at the church she and Leighton attended. We took 24 days and did a lot of traveling; we planned to go to Crystal Lake. MI and did so by way of Portland, Russellville, AR., Oakley, KS, Colorado Springs, CO, Green River, WY, La Grange, OR, Missoula, MT, Dickson, ND, Duluth, MN and then home to Pace. We drove a little over 7000 miles and spent many days with friends and relatives and not one bad day of driving. The rest of the year had been taken up with church, fundraising for Rackson and the ministry in Malawi, the Press Ministry, and politics. I tossed my hat in the ring for the Chairmanship of the county party, Republican of course. I let you know how it goes as voting is on the 16th of December. Sheila’s had a good year as far as health goes and I have not done to bad. This last check up showed I have mild diabetes so I start class in a few weeks to learn how to eat. J Other than that life is wonderful. We wish you all the best this Christmas and pray the New Year is as good if not better than the last.

May God bless and keep you. Chuck & Sheila