Soul Winning Friday May 3rd

What a wonderful surprise from my son (spiritual), he is doing what most of us only wish we could do. I really thank Bible Way for all your help you have made a lot of this possible knowing a little is a lot if the Lord is in the work and as you see He is. Enjoy the pictures and thanks for the kind words on Wednesday’s presentation of the Malawi work

Bro. Chuck
Pal in Pace

From: Rackson Kaiwe []

Dear Freinds,
Greetings from Malawi Africa, 
It was wonderful soul winning on friday, we went to my village called Chikuse, and we start 1:30 pm doing soul winning, then all of us we meet together at my grandmother’s home, where we have church service, it was very good to see more people get saved.
This is our program for every week, to every village around Bible Way Baptist Church; we have some two more villages to go,
 soul winning is nomber one to this Ministry, and praying that God will help this ministry all the needs for his name sake,
I thank God that sometimes he let the hard times to come to our life, but he is there for us, and we are doing as much as we can to work for him in this last days , he is a God of mercy.
Thank you for all your support and prayers you sent to this ministry, God Bless you Much!! 
I have the Pictures Attached.                       
Rackson Kaiwe
Bible Way Baptist Ministries Malawi, C ,Africa
Phil 4:19

April Bible Study and Church

I just got these pictures from Bro. Dave Mowery, he uses Bible Way to teach his classes and also helps Rackson with his teaching and preaching. I am so pleased that we are a part of the works and glory in Gods goodness. Rackson is pretty much on his own with John being back in America for this year so please pray for him and all the missionaries on the field. I love getting reports like this showing us that our support is doing so much for the kingdom of Christ.

Bro. Chuck
Pal in Pace,

 Larger crowds lately. We have been teaching and preaching on the family.
Last week taught on the affects of Islam in the church. Today they are sitting with there families. Gives me tears of joy to see them growing. God is good.

Any more direction on you coming. Harry is coming on Saturday, for 3 weeks.
(this is the kind of question that breaks my heart, I can't go with Harry- Chuck)

Hoping to get an update done this week. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.