Wednesday November 20, 2013

Pace, Florida, Southern United States

Well I have been home one day shy of a week and I must say it has taken me a long time to get back on the correct time zone. 8 hours difference is much to overcome. I learned a trick or two from past trips to Malawi. Don’t fight the body clock and don’t fight the stomach. The first thing I did when I got home and settled the first day was to do my wash and get it dried. Why you might ask? Because when you wake up at 0300 in the morning and I mean wide awake you will have something constructive to do. This lasts for about 3-4 days and I find at 0500 eating is the only way to stop the hunger pangs. I lost 10 pounds from 182 down to 172 lbs. so eating is fun again. The good news is I met my doctor’s goal for me by three pounds so now I can gain back three pounds and still be good for my next visit to his office.

I want to thank all of you who actively supported my efforts in this trip I can say with all boldness that the Gospel was preached and souls were drawn to the Lord and that is what the Great Commission is all about. I felt called to preach and teach the Word and the Spirit was/is responsible for the rest. That is the bible way the only way I know that works for sure. I also thank everyone for the e-mails but will apologize for not answering all of them as I was using a mobile hot spot that Rackson secured for me but it was very expensive to use so it was mostly used for the blog and sending the pictures and text.

On my last Monday in country I took some time to visit and say good bye to friends I would be leaving behind and to do a little sight-seeing at a more leisurely pace that is unusual and by that I mean not at break neck speed to get some place late, in Malawi you never get anyplace on time. I will put a few pictures on the blog site for your enjoyment.

I learned many things this trip as I stayed with locals at their home. I learned God made us all and we all have a great need of Him. I also learned that if you are truly brothers in Christ all things can be done for the edifying of the body and that hard work, strange foods and cultures will not hurt you. As for the heat and it was HOT there, for me anyway, I remember the words of a good, good friend and missionary John Fullford who when he heard me complaining about the heat last year said “look stupid, it’s Africa it’s hot” John is kind of inspirational in his own way.

There is a saying in the villages that goes something like this about travel, “The Cheetah parts the grass but the monkeys feel the breeze together” or translated “If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go with a companion.

I have gone far and I know I was not alone but all of you were a part of my travels and I thank God for all of you and your companionship.

Sheila  and I are planning for next year’s trip as both of us will be going so don’t spend all your money on this coming Christmas because you will be seeing what I have in store for your money in Malawi {:>)

Because of the Cross,
Chuck (Dusty no more) Miller
Just checking to see if breakfast is soon to be served, I don't want to miss my plane

this game makes chess look easy, way too fast and way too
complicated for nsingu's (Caucasians)  

local shop for most kinds of food for your meals

Grace is ready for a dinner out as my last evening in Malawi is upon us.

 And you think you have a tough job. Making little ones form big ones all day every day, he has a very healthy hand shake.

local wood for fire shop