Soul Winning

7458 as far as it goes

I am sending some of the pictures he sent me of the soul winning and visitation in and around Mbulumbuzi. I long for the days I will be there and the wonderful walks through the lush vegetation. It is plenty hard but you can see the reason why with the children and families who welcome the Word.  
7459 start walking 
Picture 7458 shows that you may go as far as the transport and in 7459 you start walking. In picture 7464 I am reminded of what Rackson looks like when I am there, he is always looking back to see if I am still there and coming. 7478 is how the children always greet us as soon as we get to a village. 2204 is much how the woman live and care for their babies. God is good and always cares for his  own.
7464 Rackson looking back

Dear Dad
Hope you are doing well with Mom, I and the Family we all doing fine.
Thank you for the letter you sent me, I rely like the Bible verse, it is a big courage to get letters from you out there, and we was talking the same thing about how hard we have been passing through previously, its a history now, God Blessed us, glory to His Name.

Very soon we will be out for Jesus film, as we don’t have much rain now, just few things to get, manly the sound system, it is what I am looking for now, as I have a small Generator to use now, or I can use the Fullfords he said I can use his if I want to, but he don’t have the sound system also, Dad as soon as I have this things I will be out to the villages, and I believe in God, He already gave me a big and expensive things, and it’s not much to make the sound system done, He will do it.
7478 Children greeting

 We are still praying for you and Mom, its going to be a very big blessing to us when you and Mom comes here. 

We had a wonderful time at the soul winning and Church visitation yesterday, it was very good to see people come to the Lord.
Hope soon i will be out for Jesus film Dad,  as we dont have much raining now.
keep on praying for us.
2204 Mom caring for child
Rackson Kaiwe