Rackson to USA

Proud of their new Bibles Worship with new Bibles

New Bibles from your donations

Dear pastor and the church

First I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I and my family God is still Bless us and he is doing his part many souls gat saved,

I went for soul winning at mbulumbuzi village and I thank God that 72 people got saved the problem is in that area they a rounded with the Muslims is almost 15 miles to Baptist church so we need to go back again with Jesus film and as soon as I have money I will be there with the Gospel and I hope we can rich more than 800 people we need to prayer for this village,

I need also to thank you very much for your support it helps me to do much God bless you, Please pray for us we have much work to do here,

I need to thank you for the Bibles the people they do that God Bless you very much for your Help I able to buy 65 Bibles with your help and I gave it to the people only God will Bless you will see someone in haven because of your help.