God is Good - Sunday March 17th

This was waiting for me when I got home last evening, it is always so good to get a report from my second home. The church, which is very large by Malawi standards is getting to look full up. How good is that? Rackson is trying to get transportation (car/pick-up) for many reasons and yes safety is one reason of the many. It is our prayer that some if not all will try and help in this matter, he needs $7000.00 and can get a very good 10 year old vehicle from South Africa which will be imported from Japan.

Bro Chuck

Pal in Pace

From: Rackson Kaiwe [mailto:winningthelost70@yahoo.com]
Sent: Sunday, March 17, 2013 11:59 AM
To: W. Charles
Subject: Church today

Dear Dad,
Church was Good today, more people come, and more people knows to give tithe now Praise the LORD, and the Church grow with knowledge. I use to go by another way which is shortcut to Dave’s home may be 1 hour and half to walk with children then I go by Dave’s truck to Church but according for the way maize grow very big, people are Robbed and killed in that way, so I have to change it again because Grace she don’t want to go on that way so, I have to go by around Limbe, the problem in Limbe is the Min Bus will not go till they filled with people, and not many people travel on Sunday, Hope in two to three month people will start harvesting and it will be ok no more problems, not only that way its allover Malawi this time around many people robbed and killed, down at Njuli aria, young lady killed last week, when she was coming from work. Thank Bro Dave for me please, for  what he is doing to my family sometimes he do take us home from the church.
Someone donate 4 bags of Maize flower, cooking oil, salt, tomatoes, and etc, to help the orphans and the widows and the needs in our church, so I and the ladies group we will do the work to help this people sometime this week.
Now the rain is going to an end we set up more soul winning in deferent villages.
God Bless you all for your support.
Rackson Kaiwe
Bible Way Baptist Church.
Phil 4:19

Rackson and Family!

Kaiwe Family at Bible Way Njuli

Kaiwe Family
Rackson Jr.

Jr. and Heath 

Kaiwe Family 

Lord's Supper

I thought I would send along the pictures of the Lord’s Supper, I think it was last week Rackson did the baptisms at Bible Way, if I remember right they had the women fill the baptistery from the river as thieves stole the working parts of the well to sell as scrap for money to eat. As you can see they are in need of trays to hold the small cups of grape juice. I am very pleased at the work Rackson continues to do on behalf of the church here in Milton, Florida and all the supporters country wide, what a blessing he is and has been. I think I love him and his family too much if that is possible.

Bro. Chuck Miller