News from Rackson

Friends and supporters of the Malawi work, here is the latest and greatest from the dark continent, I received an e-mail from Rackson and thought I would pass it along to you. There are several items of note that I wish to comment on. First off yes, this is a letter of request from me, I ask for your prayers and support of this work. If you can help in any way it will be a blessing. This report is typical of the success achieved in winning souls to the Lord when someone undertakes the arduous task of going out to the villages to preach the simple Gospel of Christ. This last trip was taken because a faithful supporter heard of the need for transport (gas) and sent some money for that need. The last time I was there in Malawi at the very end of last year it was over $10.00 a gal. as you can see it takes a lot on money to go to the villages and this kind of money is just not in the budget of any Malawian let alone an Evangelist. About the time you think things are going well the wind whips up and blows down someone’s house. The Muslims take advantage of the situation by offering food so the people will listen to their message, we cannot match them dollar for dollar on food let alone putting of buildings. We have a fine church in Njuli but we need a lot more churches in a lot more villages. The work Rackson is doing is made more difficult now as it is winter in that part of the world and the rains make traveling just that much more difficult, you would not believe the roads once you leave the cities or large towns I know as I visited many of the churches while there last year during the rainy season, it was horrendous at best. Anyway God bless you and please pray for Rackson as he continues the work we all should be doing. If you wish to help please let me know by e-mail and I will get right back to you with directions. Don’t you just love the way Rackson starts his letter. God always does his part if only we would do ours. Your Pal in Pace Chuck

Dear praying friends
I thank god that you’re doing ok here in Malawi God is still do his part
Last week I went to Chitera village for soul winning it was very good 86 people got saved is 20 miles to Baptist church as you know this village is a rounded by the Muslims they don’t know the truth and also this village they don’t have food so here the village where there is no food its where the Muslims take the advantage to help them and take them to their God, so I try to go there and I need to start a new Baptist church, as I am saying this now, many people from this village there dying and go to hell without Jesus I need your prayers I need to go back to this village again this coming week if God provided the transport please keep me in prayers,
I it is hard week this week because of the heavy wind blowing and many house fell down the bad news is the secretary of the Bible way at Njuli Malawi his also a care giver at the orphanage his house it is also fall down and now hi have no place to stay,
I was there to help and everything is going to be ok for him with God’s help.
Please pray for me and my family much work to do here in Malawi Thanks God Bless you
Rackson Kaiwe