October 18th Home

This is your personal invitation to a presentation on my adventures in Malawi, Central Africa. I really would like to share with you, all that was done and thank you publicly for your support and encouragement in this endeavor. It will be held in the church auditorium and please feel free to dress relaxed. It is my promise to finish before the sun comes up Monday!
I know many of you followed my adventures on our blog and I hope it was worth your time. God blessed me greatly on this mission trip and I would like to have you share in that blessing.

Because of the Cross,
Chuck Miller  

Time: 6:00 p.m.
Date: 28th of October, Sunday evening
Place: Bible Way Baptist Church
5976 Dogwood Drive SR 89
Milton, Fl 32572

October 16th

            My last day and it was a full one, up at 0500 and in bed at 2115. Shopping, picking up iron sheets, teaching class and delivering iron sheets and checking on the progress of the young woman who's leg was infected. She is doing much better and John will see her this coming Sunday for a check up and refill on meds if necessary.  We left the village at dark and got home at 2000 to a wonderful steak dinner with all the trimmings, even chocolate ice cream, Wow! Had a good hot shower and washed my hair and now it is bed time and off tomorrow for America. See you all soon. Bro.Chuck

Another church with a roof! Chief is very thankful to God!

Sunday October 14th

   Here is Harry and Joseph, Harry being introduced just prior to Sunday School, We drove four and a half hours to get there (monkey bay) and as soon as we arrived school started with a few songs and Harry was up. When he was done we had some great music from a local church band, look at the instruments. Attendance was well over 300 from about 10 churches, you see the Pastors all in the chairs while Harry teaches. After the music and offering I was up. Rackson was my interpreter and I made a short introduction as I had met these people a few years back and some remembered.
I preached from Luke 19:1-10 and ended with a salvation message. Over 60 came forward and the local pastors took them aside and taught them more perfect. It was a wonderful way to close out my stay here. I will teach tomorrow and then I will prepare for my trip back to my home. Our God is so good, I did not have a plan when I got here but I have had many full days and have loved all of them.

More on Saturday

Today is the day set apart to enjoy a tour of the newly opened game park and a lunch in a real restaurant  but even on “a day off” there are things that have to be done and visiting a woman who got saved during soul winning is a case in point. While John was leading a group to the Lord one of the woman present asked if now that she was saved would it be alright if she asked John to pray for her health, John said yes and then asked what was the problem. The woman showed him a wound on her lower leg and asked him to pray. When we all got back to the SUV at the appointed time John mentioned to me about the woman and said he was going back Saturday morning to clean and care for her wound. I said I would go with him, he said he was hoping I would say that.
 One Saturday morning we got up early(0500) dressed and left the house and picked up James to interpret for us. We met him at 0600 at a well known trade center and got to the village of Ozomba in the district of Thyolo at 0700, met with the chief and the pastor and went to the house and started treatment, this was one ugly wound, swollen and full of infection. We gloved up and started to clean away the top section of crust and came to the real mess that needed cleaning out, much hydrogen peroxide and soaking later we got to raw meat and clean edges where we could see healthy tissue. We applied antibiotic cream and a clean dressing, proscribed 10 days of oral medication and clear instruction on how to clean and treat the wound till John can return and follow up. Then is was a mad dash to get home by 0900 and have breakfast with the family and start our adventure for the day.

Please pray for this young woman that what we did helped and did no harm and that she heal and give praise to the Lord.

Bro. Chuck in the adventure land of Malawi

Soul Winning Friday October 12th

Looks like Babe (pregnant Dog) got bit by a snake don’t know what kind but it got her in the eye, I had a look and have Liz applying a hot compress and we will see what happens.

The church we visited that was only a pile of bricks, that is the church you see in these pictures. We visited today for measurements for a steel roof. before and after pictures. The rest of the pictures are of us getting ready for soul winning and our return after two and a half hours in the village. You can see John and Steve with a church member and also of Nelson, Harry and myself getting ready to head out. When we got back we found the kingdom had increased by more than 75 souls and many more heard the gospel preached and hundreds of tracts were passed out. John/Romans were given to all who professed the Lord as their Saviour, so we came back with empty back packs, praise the Lord. I am telling you it works, when you plan a soul winning day, we started praying when we first got up and prayed all during the day that God would send His Spirit  ahead of us and touch the hearts of the ones who would hear us. We asked for God to give us just one soul today, it can’t be done without God; all we are is a poor sinner telling another sinner what we did to get saved, it is all in the book. I will be sad to leave this place. There is so much to be done and so little time. One of the woman that John brought to the Lord has a very bad open wound on her foot/leg, so bad that John and I will leave at 0600 to drive back to the village and bring some treatment for her. Please pray for us and her. More later from Malawi