Good Samaritan news!

Dr. Gentry would like everyone to adopt Good Samaritan for your Vacation Bible School project!
It would mean so much to the children!

Thandwe and Victoria are working on a project of putting together prayer cards for each of the children. We will have each of the childrens names and general information and picture. This will be available to the churches and individuals for sponsoring and writing to the children. Look for this soon!

The Adventure continues!

The first picture was taken in April 2008 when Crystal was in Malawi adopting Savannah Hope. The children are Savannah's sisters the twins. They have been at the orphanage for six months or more and see the difference. Today they went to the airport to see the visitors from Indiana leave on an airplane. They were sitting on Chuck's lap playing as the plane took off. They are no longer afraid and as you can see they are so happy and healthy. God has provided in so many ways.
The missing luggage has also arrived! Chuck tells me the children will stop throwing water on him! He will have clean clothes.

Chuck has arrived!

I apologize to those following the blog, I had forgotten to post the arrival news! I have been updating my facebook page and forgot the blog.
Chuck did arrive in Johannesburg as scheduled and had a great nights rest. In the morning he remembered the 2005 trip but still had the second cup of coffee (they missed their plane) and went to the international terminal. However, I think the luggage went to the other terminal, it did not make it. So as they say there is another day to trek to the airport. The visitors from Indiana will be leaving (everyone is sad to see that happen) on Saturday so the trip will still be made to the airport, a bitter sweet trip.
Chuck is feeling loved by the Fullford children. They had balloons in his room and when he turned down the sheets there were pictures of bugs in his bed. He sure enjoys the teasing but look out. He did have to watch a Hallmark movie that night since he sent so many John Wayne movies. haha! Johnathon has grown a foot and bends to get through the doorway. Look out Chuck!
Chuck's arrival to Malawi was Wednesday so he immediately was able to spend time with the children at the orphanage. I am like all of you I too want pictures! How big have the children gotten. Where are their smiling faces? Soon I hope!

A note from Chuck

Dear Friends of the ministry, I will be leaving for Malawi this coming Monday and will be on the field Wednesday afternoon Lord willing. I will have a stopover in JoBurg, South Africa for the night so I get a good rest after the long flight. I hope to get a newsletter out while in country, I will gather information from Dr. Gentry and Bro. John Fullford plus what I can contribute. I will be communicating with Sheila best I can and she will put it together and send it along, that is the intention but who knows? In the last newsletter I sent there was a needs section from John, please re-read and see what you can do to make his/orphanage needs be filled. The container leaves for Malawi in November as I recall so if you have something that will help please contact Dr. Gentry as soon as you can and go from there. Also when I get back it I will be bring Rackson a national evangelist for the Good Samaritan missions and plan to contact all the churches I can to set up meetings. So stay by your phones with a pencil and paper with the dates you want me to come for a visit. I do not know how long Rackson will be here but I will love having him, he is a wonderful young man and loves the Lord. He is my son in the gospel. I will miss all of you and will tell you now I NEED your prayers. I go to Malawi with little or no plans, I just leave it up to the Lord on how he will use me. There is so much to be done in all areas of the ministries that planning gets in the way of what the Lord is doing sometimes. I know I will be visiting the churches and working with Gentry and Fullford at the orphanage and college. I will be having a dedication of the church in Njuli that was planted last year. I have members from Bible Way Baptist coming to be a part of that as the church worked so hard with Bible Way Baptist Good Samaritan Church in Malawi over this past few months of the building program. I wish you all could be there. I will send back pictures with Sheila as with the speed of the local internet if I sent one it might take the rest of my time just waiting of the sent message to appear. I will pray for you and your work in the Lord. Because of the Cross, Chuck Miller

Preach, Preach, Preach

Time is going fast! and faster!

The time is almost here and it has gone fast. Do you think the time while he is gone will go as fast?
Is there enough medication as Chuck counts the boxes. He has been packing all day and there still isn't enough room for me or all the needed items that has been asked for! He did find room for the chocolate chips and some Peppridge farm dressing ( I think a turkey that has pecked John is getting cooked).
Rackson has decided to take his blanket and stay at the airport until Father gets there!! He is so dedicated. I just couldn't disappoint him and tell him it will be a few more days. Hopefully there will be no glitches at the airport in North Carolina or Washington DC this time.
Chuck is not sure there is a Dave's Famous BBQ in Malawi so he wants to go one more time! I think he is storing for winter. It is in the 40's at night in Malawi and yes they are in their winter even though the day temperature is in the 70's. The twins (Savannah's sisters) have been so cold so we were able to find some turtle neck shirts and some jackets for the girls and for Rackson and Grace's boys! I hope the children don't grow to much before I get to see them.