Time is going fast! and faster!

The time is almost here and it has gone fast. Do you think the time while he is gone will go as fast?
Is there enough medication as Chuck counts the boxes. He has been packing all day and there still isn't enough room for me or all the needed items that has been asked for! He did find room for the chocolate chips and some Peppridge farm dressing ( I think a turkey that has pecked John is getting cooked).
Rackson has decided to take his blanket and stay at the airport until Father gets there!! He is so dedicated. I just couldn't disappoint him and tell him it will be a few more days. Hopefully there will be no glitches at the airport in North Carolina or Washington DC this time.
Chuck is not sure there is a Dave's Famous BBQ in Malawi so he wants to go one more time! I think he is storing for winter. It is in the 40's at night in Malawi and yes they are in their winter even though the day temperature is in the 70's. The twins (Savannah's sisters) have been so cold so we were able to find some turtle neck shirts and some jackets for the girls and for Rackson and Grace's boys! I hope the children don't grow to much before I get to see them.

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Chrissie said...

Thanks so much for squeezing in the turtlenecks for the twins!