Chuck has arrived!

I apologize to those following the blog, I had forgotten to post the arrival news! I have been updating my facebook page and forgot the blog.
Chuck did arrive in Johannesburg as scheduled and had a great nights rest. In the morning he remembered the 2005 trip but still had the second cup of coffee (they missed their plane) and went to the international terminal. However, I think the luggage went to the other terminal, it did not make it. So as they say there is another day to trek to the airport. The visitors from Indiana will be leaving (everyone is sad to see that happen) on Saturday so the trip will still be made to the airport, a bitter sweet trip.
Chuck is feeling loved by the Fullford children. They had balloons in his room and when he turned down the sheets there were pictures of bugs in his bed. He sure enjoys the teasing but look out. He did have to watch a Hallmark movie that night since he sent so many John Wayne movies. haha! Johnathon has grown a foot and bends to get through the doorway. Look out Chuck!
Chuck's arrival to Malawi was Wednesday so he immediately was able to spend time with the children at the orphanage. I am like all of you I too want pictures! How big have the children gotten. Where are their smiling faces? Soon I hope!

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