News from Malawi and Rackson!

Hie mom Thanks for your call it is good to hear your voice I was busy this morning try to found where we can buy maize I and Thandie we need to buy maize for childrens' home,

And in July I want to start soul winning and showing Jesus Film we need your prayers and your help we are going to start to go at the north so there we need $500 for Gas in our car and generator and food as well after there I and my group we will be around going in the villages for soul winning we need your prayers, Jesus film and soul winning it cost us $200 to the villages.

I bought the Bibles for the church i have 20 bibles so out of 227 is 20 people they going to have a bible. I will send you the picture for the bibles soon.

I do make sure that Harry and Eric they have everything what they need for the computer Lab I will do sending an email to you very soon

SEE the pictures for Mrs. Goodman trying to fixing the junior church at the Bible way Baptist Church

Your son