Rackson's Prayer letter

Dear Supporters and praying Friends,
I am greeting you in the wonderful name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I am hereby to updating you brethren about Gods work here in Malawi Africa, but let me take this time to thank you all for your prayers and support, it help me and my family and the ministry very much God Bless you.
 A previous month and this month God has been so good to us, we have been reaching several souls through door to door and soul winning but not very much, because this two last week we had abundantly rain, so that it was very hard to go out. But still God put 105 people in his account.
Talking about Bible Class at Bible Way Baptist Church, studies are going very smoothly with the help of the Lord. The attendance of the students is going up every week and the availability of the teachers is very good as well. Continue to pray for us and remember your prayers means much to us here. (Corinthians 3:9)
Bible Way Baptist Church Njuli.
The church is growing more and more soul winning, last week we had baptism of 27 people and of them got saved on the very same day and within the same hour got baptized, we have something to praise the Lord Amen!!!.
Here in Malawi still many problems, this last two weeks the civil servants were in strike, because many things prizes has been raised so badly, for example a bag of maize 50kg was sold at mk5000 ($17) and now it is mk10,000 $34 within two weeks, and there is speculations that they may raise this price again  because fuel will be raised also very shortly, PREASE PRAY FOR OUR PEOPLE, because it is hard even for someone who is working to feed his own family. Believe me many they are starving out here. That is why we started raising money in our Church so that we can help the desperately people like the widows, Aged, orphans, and other vulnerable people in our church and those that we have Identified in the surrounding Villages. Acts 20:35
·         For many souls to be saved.
·         Support to our family and the Ministry
·         Transportation
·         Bibles for the student $146 per box of 20 Bibles.
·         Help for the needy of food
Thank very much once again for your prayers and support you render to us and the ministry.
God Bless you much.
Evangelist Rackson Kaiwe
Philippians; 4:19