Rackson report

Dear Dad

Hope you all doing well. We have a wonderful funeral service today, there was many people come to attend the service, I preached the Gospel, and more people raised their hands for salvation, Praise the Lord!!

When all done, I start journey back home, then on the way inside the village the stones destroys my tyres. I am praying for the new tyres, please help me praying for the cost of $500 for new tyres. Give my thanks to Mom for been there when I have needs. 
Thank you Dad and stay blessed.
 Rackson Kaiwe
Bible Way Baptist Ministries
Phil 4:19

Rackson checks in

This just in from Rackson, oh if only I have his energy and youth but I guess there is a lot to be said for age and experience of which I am in abundance. Just a few more months and I will be again a part of that work. Lord willing. Sending the pictures he sent of the group. Bro. Chuck

Dear Dad,
Last week was a youth day Thank God for using us, and today We had a wonderful time to help the Junior Church, we as the youth we have much work to do not only to our Church but to the nation, Thanks to our Pastor may God continue to Bless Him, SOUL WINNING ON THURSDAY!!