July Prayer Letter from Rackson

This is so good, please read and think of how many are being reached for the Lord. I cannot wait to get there and pitch in and help. September and October will be very busy on the dark continent and I thank all of you who have helped with your prayers and financial support. This, Lord willing will be our biggest undertaking so far. We have much to praise the Lord for these past 10 years.   
 W. Charles (Chuck) Miller

July 26, 2015
Dear supporters and the praying friends,
Greetings from Malawi Africa in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am continue pray that you are all doing well by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I returned home last night from Mphalombe/Mozambique, and I think it is good to share this testimony with you all. We had wonderful and most successful trip. The travel was hard but we all arrived to our destination and came back safely. The grace of God was with us at every turn.
The schedule went well, bible class started at 9:00am on Tuesday with 90 in attendants. I presented a lesson titled Sin. The class ended at 3:00 pm to give ourselves time to rest and have a bit to eat before the next event which was a screening of the Jesus film.
We started the film at 6:00pm with many people already taking their place and getting comfortable setting on the ground, I am not sure of the exact numbers but it was more than 1000, after the gospel message many people come forward to ask for salvation, PRAISE THE LORD!!!.
Then we went to our camping tents to sleep and be ready for the next day.
We woke-up at 6:30am and got ready for the day. After prayers, study and a meal we made our way to the classroom area. Same as yesterday classes started at 9:00am with lessons on prayer. Again we had 90 in attendants, and all were very willing in learning. Class was dismissed at 3:30pm. After a long good-by we started our trip home to Blantyre.
We thanks all for your prayers and support to this Ministry and ask that God bless you for helping with this work in Mozambique. We have money for only one more trip to Mozambique left now; please help us with a prayer so that God can open financial windows in heaven, so that we can reach more areas with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
 I am very busy at Njuli and Mbulumbuzi getting ready for the bible conference in late September.
This year’s theme of vision is taken from Isaiah 52:1-2. Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city: for henceforth there shall no more come into thee the uncircumcised and the unclean.  (2)  Shake thyself from the dust; arise, and sit down, O Jerusalem: loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion.
We are also planning the class for the church women in October when the teachers get here from North Carolina. It is good we have friendship with other ministries who want to help us in the Lord.    
Once again thank you for your prayers and support.  
Rackson Kaiwe,
Bible Way Baptist Ministries.                         

update from Rackson

I just got this update from Rackson and I am sending in on to you for your consideration and enjoyment. This year’s theme for the bible conference is taken from the book of Isaiah Chapter 60:1-2. I have been assigned 6 hours on the doctrine of prayer and Bro. John Fullford will have the same amount of time for his presentation on the Doctrine 0f the Trinity. We will share evening lessons geared to salvation. Rackson asked me to do a one days teaching on church leadership and that is what he is mentioning in the e-mail. He is also getting some much needed work done on the building at Njuli and that is what the pictures are showing. I indeed will get the handout sent to him as soon as I get them done. There is much going on at both churches and I am so pleased to be going again this year. I have purchased the tickets at a price of $2000.00 round trip per person for Sheila and I and we are being accompanied by Taylor Cook from Bible Way. They will be staying for 30 days and I will be staying at least 45 days or longer depending on the funds, that is where you come in. If the work there has touched your heart in any way I would ask that you consider helping me with support. There will be several days of soul winning, Church services in the villages, Jesus films at night at selected areas and trips to the new works in Mozambique plus the regular church services and functions. Sheila will be teaching the women and Taylor will be instruction the young men in special classes. Needed Funds will be used for the following: food for the three of us as not to put a burden on the host families (Rackson & John), petrol for the much travel that will be done and the generator used for all services both night and days. Petrol is 4 time what it is here in the states. Bible and bible study material to be handed out. Discipleship teaching materials and a myriad of needs not considered because the Lord has not presented them yet. If I have learned anything about Malawi in the last ten years is nothing works as planned and things always break. I thank you for your past support and prayers and I am counting on them this year. God bless you and yours in all you do for the Lord.    
W. Charles (Chuck) Miller

From: Rackson Kaiwe [mailto:winningthelost70@yahoo.com]
Subject: Re: Church Leadership

Dear Dad!! This is what I think it’s going to be very good lessons for the leadership, the power point its good but the handouts will be great too, the lesson will be for one day all day, hope you will send the lesson so that I can start work on it.

The working at the church is going very well, we started putting the glass windows in today, and men from the church come to help cleaning the place, after finishing all the work then we will paint, thanks Dad for everything you do for us! I and the family praying and hoping to see you and Mom soon, thank the church and friends.
 Attached some pictures for the Church construction .
 Rackson Kaiwe
Bible Way Baptist Ministries
Phil 4:19