Malawi Update

It is so good to get a letter from Rackson knowing he is always hard at work for the Lord and His church. I look and long to be there with him only I am afraid I slow him down due to my age and his youth. I know in my heart that I and all of you are an encouragement to him makes no difference if here in Milton or in Malawi with him he needs all the help the Lord can provide. I talked to him today and all is going well, he was at a church meeting planning the next soul winning program. I am sending his last e-mail letter to me for your enjoyment and prayers for the work.

Dad and mom,
I your son I am very grad (glad) that God is using me here to the people of Malawi, When we enter in heaven, you will able to see all of this people, you are my back bone.

All the help you sent to me my Family and the ministry, it helps me to reach people with the gospel.
Starts from last month we have a soul winning and outreach ministry, we able to reach more village with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and 438 people accept The Lord Jesus Christ to be their saviour. There is village very close to lake Chiuta, (MACHINGA DISTRICT) called Chiwinja Village it a very dry Village in terms of the Word of God, there is no any true and false Church, what they know in this Village is traditional and witch doctors, my prayer is that before it is late we better visit the village not with candy and ice cream but with the truth from the Bible as soon as possible, my great need is financially help for transport,( $320 it will help to hire the truck)  But you can send what you have Dad, you know anything you will send it will help, I will go with small group to this village for two days, to my surprise people there they don’t know Christ yet they are dying every day. The question that clicks (comes) to my mind is that, where are this people going to spend eternity. Question is why I am not reaching this people. For sure God is going to speak to someone else whether there or here, it is great joy when one soul turns to the Lord. People are calling every day from different parts of Malawi to go preach and showing Jesus Film, Dad you know the reason why I can’t reach them, Dad please pray and Do something.
Looking forward to see you Dad here, so that we can lift together the flag of the Lord Jesus Christ by reaching people with the Gospel, (soul winning) Remember Dad, that praying for you it is part of my life.
Mom receive a credit for calling me sometimes I don’t take it for granted it encourages my heart and it means a lot to me.
With Love and Grace
Rackson Kaiwe
Bible Way Baptist Church
Phil 4:19

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