Christmas with the Fullford Family

Dear Brother Chuck,

On Friday the 19th, Darcy, Sarah and I traveled 3.5 hours north to the District Hospital in Thyolo.  We picked up BBAM evangelist Glad, James and Pastor Shadrick with his family in Bvumbwe so that there would be two teams at the hospital.  Darcy, Sarah, Shadrick and his family were one team, and James, Glad and I the other.  We men went to the TB and HIV wards, both men and women, as well as the malnourished children's ward.  Darcy's team went to the pediatrics, and expectant mothers wards.  We were able to preach the Christmas Gospel, and hand out over 180 gift bags.  Well over one hundred patients, their families, and friends prayed to receive Christ as their personal Savior.
After, we travel down to the Mapanga area and met up with Rackson.  He picked up two police men with guns, and then we traveled to the Blantyre Land Fill to preach and give out Christmas gift bags to the people who live at the dump. We needed the policeman to keep order as some times the "Dump People" can get very emotional and unruly.  Rackson stated the Malawian people call the "Dump People", "the people nobody wants".  Well, Christ died for them and He wants them!!
We preached to them and then we also gave out all the gift bags we had.  We ran out of gift bags, and sadly about 40 adults and kids did not receive a gift bag; lessons learned, take more than you possibly think!
We would estimate that 140 people prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior at the Land Fill.
We ended up staying the night at Missionary Bill Ashbury's home, he was very gracious in allowing us the room.
We traveled back to Nsanje on Saturday and God gave us traveling mercies.
Please pray as we go to the Nsanje Boma Hospital on Tuesday the 23rd to preach and give out gift bags to the patients there.  We anticipated 80, but we are packing for one hundred!
Attached are photos of the gift team at Thyolo Boma Hospital, and people at the land fill.
Chuck, thank you for being my friend and Brother in Christ.  You are a blessing to me and I miss you.

Your Servant,


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