January prayer letter

February 9, 2015
Dear praying family and friends,
As I praise God, I thank you all for your love, support and prayers you render to this Ministry, you have been so faithful to us. This year has been so very hard on our Ministry but we continue to thank God for the uncountable blessing He has sent our way. We have been affected in so many ways with the recent floods and other disasters in our country, we have many desperate needs that only the hand of God can fulfill.
The wind blew down our small Church at Mbulumbuzi, people in the church fixed the problem, Glory to His Name. Several family’s lost their homes, food and many possessions, I want to again take this chance to thank you all for your prayers and support, and we were able to comfort them with the help from God.
Last month we have two families join the Church and last Sunday we were blessed because four people got saved and joined the Church. Praise the Lord, we are planning to have baptismal service as soon as we have a good weather. Please keep us in your prayers for Mbulumbuzi we want to start the bible study very soon, but the ground is still so wet that we cannot sit down on the ground, we are renting plastic chairs from one of the local business man for Sunday service only. This is a burden on the members as the money needs to be used for the study of God’s Word. Our prayer is to get help for only 10 plastic chairs at $17.5 each so that we can start bible studies. Please put this on your prayer list for the new Christian at Mbulumbuzi Church.
Njuli Church doing very good more new people comes every week, according for the Malawi Churches organization report for 2015, the Njuli Church is number two in attendance, second to the Roman Catholic in the area. The floods also affects many people in the area and many people are homeless, for two weeks several people were living in the church building, till God provided into our hands some help, and we able to rent houses to accommodate the victims, we paid for two months each family, we give out more black plastic sheets for coverings. The church thanks all the people who had a hand in this. God bless you. As for the food problem it is so big to the affected family, the church keep some maize and I have taken some of my food money to go and help these people, it wasn’t enough and now it is not enough for my family. Please help me with your prayers till God do something to help this people, when I looked in their faces last Sunday at Church they were smiling and happy for the Lord, I praise God because He is Good God. We are going to have a “Godly Marriage” bible study soon at Njuli.    
Lastly thank you very much for supporting Bible Way Baptist Ministries Malawi. God Bless you much.
    1-   Plastic chairs at Mbulumbuzi Church
    2-  Food for the floods victims, more plastic papers needed
    3-  Souls to be saved and added to the Church
    4-  Godly guides and all the needs for the Malawi Ministry
Your brother and fellow laborers in Malawi,

Rackson Kaiwe, Evangelist
Bible Way Baptist Ministries  

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