April Prayer Letter

April 13, 2015
Dear Praying friends,
I am hoping and praying that this will find you all doing very well by grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Bible Way Baptist Ministries are going very well and still growing, we have been working very hard in the village called PHOYA where the soul winning group have been going there to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ our savior, by His grace we able to reach many. 105 people prayed for salvation and 21 of them committed to come to Mbulumbuzi Baptist Church for Bible Study PRAISE GOD.
As in my last prayer request I asked for 10 plastic chairs for Bible study at Mbulumbuzi and we have 3 more of them now and I thank you for your prayers and support, please continue to pray for us we need more than 10 now as soon as God provide, the Bible study will start at Mbulumbuzi, people from this area they are surrounded with Jehovah’s wittiness, Roman Catholics and Muslims, so they need to know the  truth, I was teaching and preaching at Njuli last Sunday, and Church is growing and doing very good, all the people are ready to have Pastor Bill and some people from Bible Way Baptist Church, Milton FL in our Annual Bible Conference, and many teachings in their visit to Malawi.    
Once again keep us in your prayers that miracles happen, as we are in need of Bibles in our two Churches, now the Bible Society of Malawi has reduces the price of the Bibles. They were selling for $15.35, now they are selling for $8.80 each, I went over there to ask how long this will last, answer is just till to the end of this month, please pray hard for us that God may have a favor to His Children in Malawi.

The season of rain is over now and not many people will have a good harvest this year, we pray for more grace from God primarily for the widows and orphan, pray for Malawi please (1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.).
Soon we will be once again be starting our showings of the Jesus Film. It is drier now and the roads are open to travel. We are putting all our equipment together, we thank Brother Chuck for all the good cables he sent from America they will help us with the Jesus Film Ministry. We have a lot of work here and we need your prayers, your support and labor’s to help in His work.
I love you all and God bless you.
Rackson Kaiwe, Evangelist   
Bible Way Baptist Ministries
Malawi, C. Africa

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