May 21st update from Rackson!

May 21, 2015
Dear Family, friends and supporters,

    After much prayer and consultation with Pastor Wright and Chuck Miller from America and meetings with the men of the church it has been decided I will send men down to Mozambique on this coming Tuesday, and they will be back on Friday, I have made a budget for them to cover the cost of transport, food and some money for their families to be taken care of in their absence, I will keep a record of all expenditures as advised, they will start with the lessons on salvation and the assurance of that salvation, then baptism, after Baptism lesson, I will go for a baptism service. After that is taken care of we will start discipleship training with the material that has been sent from the church in Milton, Florida USA. The material sent was in our language but will need a little editing for spelling. The real need is the cost of printing but we will just do it and the Lord will bless us I know.
    We now have a plans for Mbulumbuzi as the church is still growing, whatever Gods plans are for that work I think it’s a good idea to keep someone close by the people there. we have this young man at Njuli Church his name is Alick Kumbemba but we called him Elephant some of you know him, he is a big guy, likes to sing, he said he and his wife will move to Mbulumbuzi, praise the Lord for his willingness to uproot his family to help with the Lords work. BWBM will be responsible for the house rent, I have been praying to have someone there who can be there full time and do soul winning, visitation, singing, bible study and preach. What a blessing. Njuli will still be much involved in that work but it frees me up for other needs in Malawi.

    If God will bless us as always He do, Mbulumbuzi will have a mud brick building before the bible conference in September when visitors from America comes here so that we can dedicate it, but if not, we can still dedicate the pole and straw building the way it is, but we have to do some work because after the support poles were stolen we replaced them with bamboo so when its dried it’s not good anymore, still we have to do something to make it looks nicer for the dedication and visitors.

May you all stay blessed,

Rackson Kaiwe, Evangelist
Bible Way Baptist Ministries

Phil 4:19

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