The work in Mozambique

I am sending this report and excited to do so. As you might know or maybe not we have been called to do another work in Africa in the country of Mozambique which is east and south of Malawi. Men have come to Rackson with the plea for help in understanding of the Word of God. I and Pastor Wright see the hand of God in this request and have encouraged Rackson to do what he/we can. He has made a trip to the villages to meet with the Chief and men who visited him at his home in Blantyre. He took two men from the Njuli church to investigate the need. I am sending his report and it is a very good report with many souls being added to the church through the preaching of God's word the simple saving Gospel. I will send the message in the e-mail for those who might not be able to open a Word doc.  The pictures are self-explanatory.
May 7, 2015

Dear Supporters, family and friends of Malawi work,

Greetings from Malawi Africa, I hope this finds you all well, I write this to update you about our trip to Phalombe and Mozambique. It was a very successful trip. We left home at about 5:00 a.m. we arrived there at 9:00 a.m. We were welcomed by many villages and it was so wonderful when the people surrounded our Car singing praises to the Lord. I shared the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with them and 45 people prayed to accept Jesus as their personal savior, Praise the LORD!
This is a truth, the people they need God and they are empty to the truth, please pray for us greatly. There are many more places to go in Mozambique
and the eastern side of Malawi.   
One of the men who came to ask us to go there showed me the bible he had to use. It was a very old bible that more verses that were missing and it was the only bible I saw when I was there, no one had bibles.  I give him a new one, and we establish a bible class where men from Bible Way Baptist Ministry will be going and teach them the word of God. We had some problem getting into Mozambique, but thank God we prosper and the class is sets this side in Malawi.
 On our return we stopped in some centers and we share thousands of the Gospel tracks to many people and did some soul winning the Lord blessed us with 15 people getting saved, Praise the Lord.
Thanks to you all for your Support and prayers for this trip, the classes will starts on 26th May, 2015. Please we need your prayers and more Support.
It cost near $125.00 each trip and we plan two trip a month maybe more Lord willing. We have much to do in Njuli and Mbulumbuzi. I believe God wants this work for His people to be saved. Please think about this.
Once again thank you for joining hands with us so that the Gospel can go out.
I Love you all and Stay blessed.
Rackson Kaiwe,

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