November 1, 2014

Today started as all days should. Early (0600) and lots of hot water making getting up and showering a real pleasure. Out of the last 4 days we have been without water 2 days so life is very good. A lot has been accomplished as far as the ministry goes. Vehicles have been inspected and certified road worthy. Insurance has been paid and members visited both at home and at the hospital.
Today is special as we will be going out for Saturday service and Jesus film. I got up and did the usual as in bible study and prayer. The kids will preach this afternoon in the village and also I have my sermon for tomorrow. I will not have time later as well, will not get back till late this evening. I will send pictures to Sheila for posting along with this report. Grace is packing a nice dinner for us. I think cheese, hard boiled eggs and bread. Rackson and I will eat when we get home, he likes cold cereal the same as me. Continue later…Just got home it is now 2130 and I am pumped. We had about 30 at Saturday service, the singing was very good as always and the prayer service was encouraging. I preached “The great invitation” from the book of Matthew. At the end of my sermon Rackson gave the invitation and 7 came forward for salvation. After an hour and a half we left to go set up for the film. We got started right at sundown. By 1900 we had a very large gathering. I counted over 100 children and 400+ adults. At the end of the presentation and after the invitation several hundred raised their hands in acceptance of Jesus as their Saviour. It was a wonderful end to a great day. Preaching a risen Christ will draw men to God. It is something to be a part of. God is mighty and full of grace and love for His children.
Saw a great bumper sticker on a mini bus. “No Jesus No Life” it said. I told Rackson I saw a better one than that and it said “Know Jesus Know Life”. That about sums it up. 
Because of the Cross,
Bro. Chuck

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