November 9, 2014

Praise the Lord for another wonderful Sunday. If I were the complaining type  I might mention we were up at 0500 getting ready for “a Sunday in Ntcheu” but with hot water….
Rackson arrived with his family at 0600 and I and the Fullford’s were ready in about half an hour, (I can’t start the day without my two cups of coffee)  I rode with Rackson and Grace rode with the Fullford’s.

It was a long hot 3 hour drive but it was without incident so that was a blessing. We arrived at 0920 and found everyone was assembled and waiting on us. Because of the heat they start at 0900 not 10:00 as I believed.  After introductions were made, I was on deck for Sunday school. It is a new building and it is very nice, also very large and a pleasure to teach or preach in. I taught on 4 great things found in the bible. “A great mystery” John 3:16, “The greatest commandment” Matthew 22, “The great Commission” Matthew 28 and “The great invitation” Matthew 11. As always Rackson kept up with me and we were done in under an hour. After a few songs, their choir is very good. It’s not Njuli but it is good, it was time for the man of God to preach. John Fullford preach out of 2nd Peter and it was truly a sermon to touch the heart. When his time was finished he had Joseph offer the invitation. About 7 persons came forward as the Spirit called. It was by all accounts a very rewarding day and the drive home was full of joy and thanksgiving for what the Lord had done. It was/is hot in Ntcheu and felt good to get back to the higher elevation in Blantyre.
John stopped, at the request of Darcy to do a little Christmas shopping at one of the road side vendors about midway home. I stayed in the car and baked. It was good to get back on the road.
Home was a blessing as we had water (it was hot) and a lot. I was not in the house 3 minutes and I was in the shower. It started to RAIN and what a cool sound it was coming off the steel roof. I was going to read but at the sound of the rain I fell fast asleep for about an hour only to be awakened by the sound of John saying dinner was on. Fish and baked potato with spinach, oh how good is that. We will have “live stream” church from Alaska in about 30 minutes and when it is over I will be ready for bed. 
Praise God for what He and only He can do. When people hear the Gospel in its simplicity they have to make a choice. What to do with Christ? When they hear the truth the choice is easy. Pray for us here in Malawi, so little time and so much to do.
Because of the Cross,
Bro. Chuck    

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