November 5, 2014

Wednesday afternoon Rackson and the “gang” picked me up for the presentation of the Jesus Film at a village between Njuli and Mbulumbuzi. He picked me up at 1600. From what took place at the presentation it was apparent to me and many others the Holy Spirit in answer to prayer got there before we did.
We arrived at 1630 and set up commenced, it took about half an hour with the young children already showing up to watch. I’ll tell you right now keeping a count is most difficult when the sun goes down, it is dark and so are they. None the less once the gospel music started the people really began to show up. Redeemed is always the headliner followed by local artists. We play music interspersed with prayer and preaching simple messages of hope.
At about 1740 we had well over 60 children and about 40 adults but it was early with plenty of light for work in the fields. From where we were parked I could see the surrounding hills and people were coming. At 1815 we started and after the welcoming by the village chief and several prayers we hit the play button. As I looked out in the dim light of the evening we had about 90 kids and 175 adults but it was still early.
I was sitting where I could look over the group and with the light reflecting off the screen I could see the children very well. They were transfixed the whole time, they just kept coming. It is hard to imagine 200+ kids being quiet but I saw it with my own eyes. As I kept watching even the adults were motionless for the entire two hours.
At the appropriate time the film was stopped and Rackson made an invitation and so many hands went up it was not possible to count in the dimness of the light. He again started the film and at the conclusion he separated the group into those who said they wanted to be saved. He removed then from the children and other adults. He and several men from Njuli preached to them more about salvation.
It was then announced that all those who had accepted the Lord would receive a copy of John/Romans to keep and read. It is then I found our faith was little, we brought 200 John/Romans. As we passed them out to the saved we ran out and there were still many, many in line who we would have to get copies to later. A sorrow and a blessing at the same time for me. We also had a box of tracts and they were gone also. God was all over the presentation and I am so glad of His graciousness allowing me (you too) to be a small part of the evening.
I hate trying to put numbers on what God is doing in Malawi but I know hundreds were saved this evening. Rackson said on the way back to the compound that he was amazed at the attention and reception of the people at this showing. God is good and a mighty God who loves his children. If Jesus be lifted up He will draw men to Him I know I saw it.
Because of the Cross,
Bro. Chuck          

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