Christmas Day Ministry with Fullfords

I just received this e-mail from John Fullford, what a great thing is being done in Malawi. God has a great plan for Africa as a whole and Malawi in particular I think. The pictures make the landfill much nicer that it really is, if only the pictures were scratch and sniff J Please pray for his ministry and for all the help he is to Rackson and the Bible Way Baptist Ministries.

Pal in Pace

Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2012 2:18 AM
To: Chuck Miller
Subject: Christmas Day

Dear Brother,

Even though we have talked I want to get off a line and thank you for praying for our outing to the landfill.
There were not very many people in attendance, about 50, much less than Rackson or I hoped for, but that is God's department, not mine.
Because some heavy rains were coming I had to quickly get the Gospel of Christ presented, and why we celebrate Christmas.  At the invitation about 1/3 of those present prayed to receive Christ as their personal Savior.  Only God knows their hearts, but again, that is His Ministry!
We passed out as many gift bags as possible, then as it started to rain we ran for the car.  Just opening the doors to get in filled the interior with hundreds of flies.  I would have preached to them on the way home, but I do not believe that they are redeemable!  So, we opened all the windows including the far back hatch window even though it was really raining hard.  As Darcy said, "I would rather be wet then have all these flies on me"!
It was a good day just to be able to get the Gospel out to people who I do not think are loved very much.
Attached are some photos of the day. 
Rackson did a good job, and taking the police was great!  The people came running for the truck, but when they saw the police they stopped in their tracks and at the command sat down on the only grass.
God Bless my Brother and we will talk to you in the near future.

But My God...

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