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It is such a pleasure to send this prayer letter along, to see the Njuli church being used in such a good way exceeds all my prayers, to see ministries work together for the preaching/teaching of the Gospel is what the great commission(Mar 16:15)  And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. is all about. John and his family is worth of our prayers and support. That is why I like to stay with them when I go to Malawi, lots of work, lots of fun and lots of love, I’ll save you a place on the plane when I next go. Bro. Chuck

John & Darcy Fullford
Serving in Malawi, Africa
Bible Baptist Africa Ministries
Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

Dear Fellow Laborers in Christ,
Which in time past was to thee unprofitable, but now profitable to thee and to me. Philemon 11
As we enter into the end of the year, I sometimes wonder if God the Son would make the above statement to God the Father about us. There was a day when we were alienated and enemies of the Lord, (unprofitable) but by His Blood hath He reconciled us to Him! (Col. 1:21) Lord willing we all will be found profitable by our work to get the Gospel out to a lost and dying world.
We entered into these last two months of the year with much to do. There were churches needing help, the Bible Institute to finish, lessons to be translated into Chichewa, and one of the most important task at hand, the King James English Bible being translated into the Chichewa language.
God has been so good in that we now have Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua completed translated. We are currently working on Judges, and Lord willing we will be done with that book at the end of the month.
Many people are involved with this project, Simon the initial translator, Pastor Shadrick Mwachande, Pastor Adrew Dzimbiri and Rackson Kaiwe the second line of translators who check the typed books three different times for spelling, and correct wording. One of the main blessings of this project is Elizabeth our daughter. She spends days typing hand written translation into documents that the second line of translators can check and edit.
She then goes back the three times and edits this document before it is deemed correct. You might say that typing is easy, but typing a foreign language is very difficult. Instead of just saying the word and your hands typing it, you have to say each letter and some of the words can really throw you; “…Onse akukhulupilira iye adzalandira chikhululukiro cha machismo” Machitidwe 10:43 – “… Whosoever believeth in Him shall receive remissions of sins.” Acts 10:43; say that three times quickly!
At the beginning of the month of December John and Brother Nelson headed down to Tengani for the monthly Men’s Conference. At this meeting there were 85 men present for the two days of teaching. Praise God that the storage facility was completed to include concrete
flooring so that we did not have to teach or sleep outside in the damp and drizzly weather.
We handed out another 40 Bibles to the men that did not receive them the previous month.
This is such a blessing for not only them, but for us. We continually tell them to read the scriptures for themselves and see that what we are teaching them is correct and scriptural (Acts 17:11). We want them to believe the Word of God, not us. We are scheduled to go back down on the 2nd and 3rd of January for the next series of teachings.
During these last two months we continue to go to different churches on Sundays to teach and preach. During November we went to Kautuka #1, Waruma, Njuli. During December we have gone to Waruma, Ozamba, and we are scheduled to go to Benini on the 16th of December, Bwalia on the 23rd, and Makwasa on the 30th.
The first two weeks of December John finished up the Bible Institute with the last two classes being the “Life of Christ”, and Homiletics. The students then took two days of tests; the final exam was 26 pages covering 351 questions. They were really happy to be done, and John was
well pleased with the student’s commitment to the Institute.
On Saturday the 22nd of December, the Fullford and Mowery families and Ms. Goodman will be going to two, large, district hospitals; Chiradzulu, and Thyolo, to give out Christmas gift bags to the patients in the TB, Aid, and Children’s wards. Each gift bag will contain a King James, John/Romans in Chichewa, gospel tracts, body soap, laundry soap, 1Kg of white sugar, (highly prized), a Christian coloring book in Chichewa Darcy and Elizabeth put together, (3) crayons and a large bread roll. We will also take national translators who will preach to each ward as we hand out the gift bags. As a bonus we give out tracts and John/Romans to the
hospital stall when and where ever we find them. It is so encouraging that we can go to these Government hospitals and be welcomed with open arms. They know we are going to preach the Gospel of Christ, and we have their approval and support; Oh,that America had this same attitude!
We want to say a special “THANK YOU” to Bible Baptist Church of Fairbanks for supplying all the funds for the hospital gift bags!
Please pray for one of our co-workers, Ms. Sharon Goodman, in that she has cancer and she is scheduled to go into an SDA hospital on the 26th of December for major surgery. She has been a faithful worker, and a good friend. Our family has purposed to assist her as much as possible, but she needs God’s hand to direct the doctor, and her choices.
On a final note, the Fullford family will be traveling back to America on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 to start a one year furlough. During much of the time John and Darcy will be traveling to new churches to garner more support for Bible Baptist Africa Ministries. Their desire is to also visit existing supporting churches to thank them for their faithfulness, and
financial support.
1. Funds for the Bible College at Tengani. Currently all construction has stopped as the funds have been depleted.
2. Ms. Sharon Goodman and her cancer surgery.
3. Upcoming year and direction for BBAM.
4. The Fullford’s furlough back to America; March 27, 2013.
5. Scheduling Churches for meetings while back in America.
By His Grace & Mercy,
John, Darcy, Elizabeth and Johnathan

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