News from Rackson

This just came in from Rackson and needs no introduction and a reminder of a real need, I have a letter from him I will send out later as it needs a little grammar clean up. It is bad weather in Malawi and the boy does a lot of walking.
 Pal in Pace

Dear Dad,
I write this email to let you know how it is going here in Malawi.
Church was going good last Sunday more people still coming, and we have 4 families come to join church.  People are ready to have good Christmas party this year, The work is growing by his grace and mercy. Dad I have the price for the Jesus film equipment and it cost $1,850 for everything if i will buy it in South Africa, the projector its very expensive to buy it here its like $1000, just for projector. I checked with Harry when he was here, the price is still going up as same as you was here,( You know Malawi)
But I was talking with Grace the very important thing to taking care of or think about now, is the transportation, much rain now, and it makes work to be hard, we have many programs going on in our church just try to keep the church together, always I have to be there when they need a spiritual help, I miss if you will be here and do all this work together,but i know you have much more to do there for me and the ministry.  What i can do for you is to pray for you and mom all the time  much more things for you to do when you come back here, no time to play.
We pray all the time to God to give us what we need for his work.

Rackson Kaiwe
Bible Way Baptist Church
Phil 4:19

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