Friday the first day of BWBM 2014 conference

Starting off with the great news, after a full day of Bible lessons the evening concluded with 13 souls coming to the Lord. Bro. John preached a powerful lesson on the church and its member and Rackson gave a heartfelt invitation with much singing and praying.
As usual we started very early and without running water but we did have ESCOM so it was no big deal. We had a very good meal and Darcy took care to make sure the families that were staying 0n the compound had a meal. Pastor Glad and James (I do not know how to spell his last name) along with their wives and children are staying for the conference and translating for John. The two men are graduates of the Bible College we held two years ago. Both Harry Schenimann and I participated. It was good to see them again.
Again as usual we started somewhat late but only about half an hour, this is good, very good. Rackson ask that we give the travelers a little extra time as it is the first day and not all can start the day by going to church first thing with family and work. The attendance was smaller than expected but we had many, many children. The ladies held class in make shift classrooms and took care of as many as 70+ kids. Go ladies, it is like having a week long VBS in two days. Please see Blog and Facebook for pictures, lots of pictures.
After one song and prayer Bro. John was called on to bring us the lesson and for the next 2+ hours he taught on the Church as presented in the Bible. We broke for lunch and Grace fixed us chicken and French fries along with goat and nsima. Way more than we could eat.
At 1330 singing and prayer commenced and the people begin to file in from lunch and rest at 1400 hours I began my presentation on the Holy Spirit using PowerPoint slides that I had prepared over the last few months. It was very good using this method here in Njuli, it has not been that long ago we were a pole and grass church building and thought it could not get any better. We started construction in 2009. There was great interest shown by the class and the two hours passed way to fast and it was time for dinner break.   
At home we had a light meal and a lighter rest and it was back for evening service and again John preached a short but powerful message on the church and its purpose to reach souls. Many came forward at altar call and Rackson gave the invitation. There was much activity for the next hour while those who were going to spend the night at the church prepared the sleeping areas. We took this as an opportunity to head home and a much needed rest.
I was made aware rain had come our way by much lightning and thunder with high winds. We were all worried that the outdoor areas would be a mess but when we arrived at 0900 all was in order. Saturday was a repeat of Friday with the schedule being reversed and I started off. The outside classes were jam-packed with children of all ages eager to learn. I would say well over a hundred. I do not know how the women kept control but they did. The day went very well both morning and afternoon sessions and the attendance was larger for this second day. We had a great lunch of spaghetti and hot bread fixed by Grace and served by Rackson. I had the privilege of preaching the evening service and I could tell it had been a long day for all, so I decided to preach a little motivational message I had laid on my heart for not only the attendees but for us as the instructors. It was short, fast paced and uplifting. We left as soon as altar call was made and headed to Limbe to the Indian Sports Club for the “DIWALI FAYRE” at the invitation of our good friend Mr. Patel. He had all types of food waiting for us when we got there and it was all good, with the exception of one and I don’t know which but it kept me up all night with running exercise. I was very ill come Sunday morning and just could not make it to church service. I asked John if he would please take my place for teaching and he did and did a wonderful job. He reported that at Sunday service there was standing room only which means well over 300 in attendance, that would be that day I was ill.  I met with Rackson today (20th) he informed me we had over thirty persons get saved during the conference and many more rededicate their lives to the Lord. Sunday was also the day chosen for the church to participate in the Lord’s Supper. What a great conference and I want you all to know how important you are in the process. Sheila and Wyatt will be leaving in two days and I will be staying behind. I will be moving back in with Rackson and Grace. We have many more things to accomplish for the Lord and again it is because of your liberality. May God bless you.
Because of the Cross,
Chuck & Sheila             

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