October 9th

Good morning all, had hot water at 0430 but not now at 0630 but we are up and having devotional singing and studying the Word. It has been a busy few days getting ready for the conference. We have to find and borrow a large pot that will hold enough Nsima to feed 150+ people. We are transporting 100 boxes of tracts to Rackson’s, that is many, many thousands of tracks. What a blessing. The woman folk are working on how to keep 100+ children busy for 6 hours a day for 3 days  I suggested Benadryl but I got strange looks so I left the room. Yesterday John and I ordered a large submersible pump for Tengani as he now has ESCOM and it should be hooked up and ready when he goes down next week. Rackson and Wyatt are at Njuli making sure the borehole (well) is in operating order and getting some painting/banner work done. Today is soul winning in the cooler part of the day. Wyatt who has become a Malawian found out yesterday that he still has an American GI track, the boy ate something and he was a sick little boy who needed his grandmother. He came over here to Johns and we gave him something to stop the leaks at both ends and went to the store and picked up some Gatorade like drink and lots of Tylenol. Put him to bed and by late afternoon he went back to Rackson’s home and this morning he and Rackson were off and running getting many things done at Njuli. I think Wyatt will spend a little more time watching what he eats and keeping his hands away from his mouth till washed. He is a good kid and a great help. I just wanted to touch bases and let you all know you are missed and thought of often.

John and I spent the morning in the 2 ton lorry and it brought back many memories of why I hate 2 ton lorries. All the parts the physical therapist worked on prior to coming have been reintroduced to pain and the parts the surgeon said was well and ready for travel we’ll have to wait and see ;-}

I really am humbled when I think of what God has called us to do in Malawi. The Church is doing well and souls are being lead to the Lord but as I look back I see we have done so little when compared to what is to be done. I have been going over the lessons I plan to deliver and it just reminds of what I don’t know. I’ll have to take comfort knowing I am doing my best.

I encourage all of you to take a little time and send a note/e-mail to anyone of the missionaries BWBC supports. The missionaries I talk to here in Malawi miss hearing from home. Out of sight out of mind. I was pleased to tell we have a man at church who often prays for us to remembers the missionaries because the task IS hard and they have the same problems we all do only in a far-off land. (thanks Richard)
Because of the Cross,
Bro. Chuck    

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