October 5th

Well it was a better morning than evening last. We had ESCOM but no water again. Heated the water in a large pot and poured it in to a larger bucket and added cold to taste. Not bad but not a shower.
Grace was in the mood to cook and we had a very fine breakfast of sausage, eggs and toast with blackberry jam.  Sobo is a concentrate drink of orange or pineapple with a 4 to 1 with water and at that mixture is still is to strong in my opinion. Not fit for a diabetic but everyone has to die of something and it won’t be of good health.
 We stopped by and picked up the Fullfords and headed to church. John should be home Tuesday evening from Tengani. So we invited Darcy and Sarah to go with us. We arrived at Mbulumbuzi a few minutes to 10:00 and several people were there and singing. We had a small attendance but they were a lively bunch. Rackson has been having service each Sunday starting at 2:30 pm. and always had a large number of people. Most were visiting after their morning service and then taking what they had learned back to their pastor noting the difference in teaching. When the time changed to the new we found who the faithful were. Rackson taught a good lesson and had them all prepared for what I was to preach.  I preached out of Luke chapter 10:1-10 and I had a good time. It was very cold today and we had a lot of wind with dust everywhere. I was reminded of Njuli when all we had was a pole church. I got them excited with the prospect of a brick church with a steel roof by next year but it is up to them to get it done. When I was finished I had Rackson give the invitation. One young woman came forward and asked what must she do to be saved? What a glorious question. We took care of that inquiry and the church has a new sister.
 I dropped Sheila off at the Fullfords and went home with Rackson and packed our stuff for our move to John and Darcy’s I will stay till Sheila and Wyatt head home. Grace seemed awful sad but we will be spending a lot of time with them at the bible conference coming up and I plan spending my last two weeks with them before I come home to America. Wyatt is still there as he and Rackson’s two brothers have become fast friends and they are teaching him a lot about Malawi and his new Christian walk. Wyatt is the official photographer for the trip and when I left I did not get the camera back so no pictures with this report but I will send some tomorrow as he and Rackson will be here. We have painting to do at Njuli and a banner to purchase with the church name on It for Mbulumbuzi.
As of yesterday all our electronics worked that we plan to use for the conference. My PowerPoints should be ready for my portion of the conference. I know John is ready ‘cause he’s John.
I have village bible study this week along with soul winning and Saturday service at a pre-picked  area around Mbulumbuzi and I will be at Njuli Sunday so I should have some good pictures. All for now. God bless and keep you. I wish I could have been there for Pastor Appreciation and a meal on the grounds, no wait a minute I do that here. Love you Pastor and you too Mrs. Betty.
 Because of the Cross,
 Bro. Chuck

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