October 24th

Friday evening Malawi time

It has been a busy few day here and it all started Tuesday morning with John leaving for Tengani at 0600, we all got up and said our good byes and he was off in a fully loaded lorry. 60 boxes of tracts, a pump for the well with all the connectors and plastic pipes and hoses, a bed we put together, food and clothing for the two week stay on the property. John received a call from Nelson, the guy who stays while John is here in Mapanga telling him that thieves came in the night and tried to steal the water tank which holds about a thousand gallons. It was too heavy to carry so they just punched holes in it and left. John was sick about it and the loss of money it represented, many hundreds of $. Beings it was the last day for Sheila and Wyatt it was decide by me we would all spend the day at the game reserve and see a few animals and have a nice lunch. I arranged with Rackson to check into it and get the tickets for all eight of us as Harry returned from Ntcheu where he spent about with Joseph while constructing a church building. He was to be at the house at 0800 but about 0830 he called and said he was with Bro. John in Blantyre as the front tire lug nuts sheared off and the lorry was hard down. Rackson brought him home and he was much up set. He did not want to go see some animals but wished us a good time. I thought we were going to a game reserve near where we lived, no so. Rackson followed my instructions to the letter and got tickets for a safari, which is what I said but meant game reserve. After 3 1/2 hours of the harshest roads we arrived at the Mvu lodge where e had a wonderful lunch even though the monkeys fought us for the food, no joke. We went on a grand safari in to the bush and saw many wild animals but mostly the Elephants up and way to close. We got home well after dark and fell in to bed.
Wednesday was a full day starting at 0600 fight for the hot water, last minute packing and getting ready to head to the airport by 1030. John call repair shop where we had the lorry being repaired and found out they could not find he right lug nuts in all of Blantyre or Limbe. He was fit to be tied I would say. He called Rackson and asked for help in finding the needed parts. In less than 20 minutes Rackson had located the parts and took them to the repair garage. John decided not to wait but took the black pick-up and went to the garage and got the needed parts for the well and went south. At 1000 Rackson came and picked all of us up and we headed for the airport and the departure of friends and loved ones, which is the part I hate about travel. As soon as we left the airport the garage called Rackson letting him know the lorry was ready to be picked up.  We were in Blantyre already so we went and got my passport extended for a month which cost 5000 kwacha (10 bucks) and headed out to get the lorry. Rackson drove the lorry home to John’s compound and I followed in the ministry van. I packed all my stuff in the van and we headed out the Rackson’s house where I unpacked and set up a new home for the remainder, it may not seem like much but I was a tired puppy by late afternoon.
Thursday came way to early but with hot water and ESCOM how bad could it be. We had food shopping to do for both families. With John being gone we needed to pick up some things for Darcy and Sarah so it was off to “Shoprite” and “Game” for food and dog food, we went to Mundi Pharmacy for 6 containers of drinking water. While there I got a haircut. When the barber got finished I did not know who the man in the mirror was, I thought a lot of hair was falling but it was very long so I didn’t think much of it. I should have. I last time my hair was this short I had just enlisted in the USN.  I am good till I come home to Pace.   WE had taken the whole family shopping so we had lunch out and Rackson’s boys had a grand time, so did I. by time we got home after delivering to the Fullfords and then waiting while Grace did a two hour bible study with the woman of BWBC Njuli I was ready for bed and bed it was.
Friday (today) I heard from Sheila and had a great catch up conversation. I slept late 0700 and got up to the sound of bacon frying and hot coffee being poured in MY cup. Life is so good. Rackson knew I was physically tired out so he had no plans for he day. We had bible study and prayer and I went back and laid down and read and napped. This late afternoon we went into town and did a little shopping for much needed things (TP) for me and a connection with the internet for my computer. It is slow but it works. John called and told us what a great work God is doing in Nsanji, he and his group went out soul winning, 16 got saved and claimed Christ as their Lord.  After a dinner of chicken and chips and coleslaw salad I am in my room sending this report and pictures. Tomorrow we have Saturday church service in area 4 of Njuli. A church member will invite many neighbors to visit and we will come and hole a service and then invite everyone to worship Sunday. It is a way of teaching people about the Baptist and what we teach.
All for now.
Because of the cross,
Bro. Chuck     

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