Saturday October 11, 2014

Things are getting a little dicey as we are going into the third day of no water and the containers are getting low but with deodorant and baby talc life ain’t too bad…yet.
Rackson came early to pick me up and was surprised that I had gotten up much earner and had been downtown Blantyre with John and picked up all the materials that were purchased yesterday. John and family took a well-deserved day off and went on a picnic to the Zomba plateau. Sheila worked on her presentation for the conference and I went with Rackson getting things prepared for the conference, the well (borehole) is putting forth much cool, clean water. The new floor in the classroom is about done as we picked up sand and cement and with the well water the job will go much faster now. The reason we are doing the floor in cement and not just hard packed dirt is it will be used for food storage during the conference. What a blessing it is to have one of the two classrooms with a good floor maybe next year we get the other floor done. It is dirt and well packed but will be used for the cooking room. With Rackson and his ability to plan and oversee the money provided for this ministry we have accomplished much and still have the funds for much more. God is big and with His help and guidance we can do big things in Malawi. Again I cannot thank all of you enough, I could never accomplish this without your support.
  John has given BWBM about 100 boxes of tracks and each box has 11,000 tracts so we had/have to build shelves for storage at Rackson’s home which meant a lot of travel getting timbers and plywood and nails and brackets and what, what all in that wonderful lorry. I have no feeling in the lower half of my body. This will give my physical therapist some to work on when I get home. 
We will be working on a parallel translation of John/Romans and getting it ready for print sometime in January and then shipped back from the states in July, we are talking many thousands of copies which will be a great tool in teaching.
Yesterday Bible Way Njuli went soul winning in the Mbulumbuzi area, it was very warm, I say hot but none the less 7 souls were led to the Lord. These people are so sweet of spirit and humble in their hearts it is almost overwhelming. Their hunger for the word of God makes the small hardship we think we endure seem silly. Please continue to pray for the work here and God’s grace to see it through.
 Because of the Cross,
 Bro. Chuck

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