Wednesday October 15th

0600 - What a glorious day, yes I said it is a day of glory. After 6 days we have water and lots of it. I awoke to the sounds of water containers being filled and moved and when I came out of our room I could hear the washing machine chugging along making happy sounds of clean clothes. God is so good. I took a long hot shower and put on the last of my clean Jeans and started the day.  
John had some shopping to do bright and early as it was cool this morning so at 0730 we went into Limbe and was amazed at the lack of traffic we encountered, it was a national holiday (Mother’s Day) so almost all the shops were closed. We went into Blantyre and found a few open so we got some plywood and things to fix some plumbing problems at the house. It took a lot longer than expected and we did not beat the heat.
When we got home we set up the saws and did some ripping of the ply and some 2x6s and made some very sturdy shelves for the tracts he will be moving to Tengani later this month.
While shopping we ran into Bill Ashbury, a Baptist missionary who has been here for better than 20 years. He invited us to his church this evening and dinner to follow at his home. We said yes to both, very smart of us. The service was at three and was over at half four. Dinner was outstanding, we were served Taco salad and it might have been the best meal I have ever eaten. It was followed up with coffee and chocolate cake and sweet fellowship till 2000 and it was home to bed.
We had water this morning (16th) but by time I got ready it was over for the day. Rackson got here around 0630 to pick up Wyatt and me so we could go buy goats for the conference. We did and then went to the church to check up on the progress of the pole classrooms. I can’t wait till to kick off tomorrow at 0900.
We still have things to check out and test but we will go with what we have. Enjoy the pictures and I will update as I have time.
 Because of the Cross,
Chuck & Sheila

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