Sunday October 12, 2014

    What a day the Lord has blessed us with. We awoke to the sound of the Waka Waka birds high in the trees while the sun cut pieces of darkness out of the early morning, that’s one way to think of it or…  As the day began with the hot sun and dry faucets we hoped for water and found none.
    Darcy, Sarah and Sheila put a good meal on the table and we had sweet fellowship. The coffee was hot and we had a lot of it while we began to plan our day. John and his family went to Kartuka number 1 Baptist church and had to leave about an hour before we did. Njuli is about 10 minutes from their compound here at Mapanga.
    At 0945 Rackson arrived and we were on our way. The van was full with family and we boarded to the sound of singing, Grace and the boys were practicing their song for the service. Bible Way has a training program service before regular service for training the new converts, or as Rackson says “a little milk before the meat”.
Chuck and Rackson teaching Sunday School
Time for announcements
    We started on time with prayer and songs. I was up first with bible study class, I taught on Idols in our lives from I Kings 18 and in the New Testament from Acts with Paul on Mars Hill. After a small break Church started with all the choirs (3) presenting one song which is really three as they sing one on the way up and another on the way back to their seats. At this time it was time for announcements and for those of you who have a good time funning with James and our church announcements this would drive you to distractions, man we announce everything that is happening in Malawi, well maybe not that bad but close. Rackson brought the message and a fine one it was. Three people came forward for salvation and about 15 for what reasons on their hearts. We were home around 1300 but well ahead of the Fullfords and had a great lunch and they joined us for the feast. Rackson had to stay at Njuli with the planning committee and he picked up Wyatt here at the Fullfords at 1700. What a long day for him and Grace. He was able to speak with the pastor on Skype what a blessing for all. Getting hotter during the day and we were just informed the well we have been getting our water from has broken and now I don’t know where the water will come from--more tomorrow please pray for us without water life is tough. 
 Thanks Pastor we here in Malawi Love and appreciate you and Mrs. Betty very much.
 Because of the Cross,
 Bro. Chuck and Madam Sheila 
future class now cooking area

Children's class with concrete floor
future class/rest of cooking area

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