Saturday October 25th

It was a wonderful relaxing day with a grand meal for breakfast. One of my favorites, oatmeal with sausage and juice and my two cups of coffee. After that we had bible study and prayer. Rackson and I sat around and reminisced on old times and how God has blessed us. I spent late morning and early afternoon preparing for village service.

We departed home at 1445 and arrived at 1515 at a village mid-way between Njuli and Mbulumbuzi and off the main road maybe 7 tenths of a mile and then a little? Walk to the house where service was to be held. As we got near we could hear the singing so it was easy to find the place. Bible Way sits in the middle of 4 zones and each has a leader who is responsible for one Saturday a month to find a home with a courtyard that we can use for a meeting. It is almost always a member of Bible Way who hosts the meeting.
We had about 30 or better present, some from Bible Way and some from Mbulumbuzi and other villages. It was a good mix with visitors. The meeting started with prayer, two songs from the choir and all of a sudden it was time for the preaching. I gave a short introduction and explained why I was in Malawi. I started with John 3:16-17 as I do all lessons I present then spent time in Hebrews the 9 chapter and centered on verse 27 before launching into Romans for the salvation message. Many missionaries preach sin,  righteousness, and judgment. What they need is what all men need, the answer to the question what must I do to be saved? and that is all I preach. Three precious souls came forward to claim Jesus as their Saviour, what a God we serve.

After service we sat around and had sweet fellowship while Rackson explained God’s word more clearly to the souls who came forward and told them we would be looking for them tomorrow at church. He also set a time and place for bible study with the families.

More tomorrow after church. Bro. Chuck


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