A letter from Darcy

Dear Family and friends,
      It has been a very long time, and I guess that's because it seems like I haven't been doing anything new.
      Ever since we let the fellow go that helped me around the house, I have been quite busy with keeping the house clean.  That isn't that interesting of an e-mail.
      It is really getting hot here!!!!   With the construction on the road we are getting much dust in the house every day.  That, coupled with the people burning off last years crop producing nasty smoke, I seem to be always cleaning.   I  AM  SO  VERY  THANKFUL  THAT  WE  HAVE  HAD  WATER  TO CLEAN  WITH!!

Last Sat.  John, Bro. Chuck, Sharon, and I went down to the property to scope out the land and get an idea of where we would want our house to be and such.   God was beyond good and gave us a partly cloudy day and a wonderful breeze.  It was a very nice relaxing day.  We all really enjoyed it.
We've been busy with the Bible Inst.  Eight more ladies are wanting to learn to read, so I got the material ready for Nelson to take back with him when he left class on  Friday.  

 John and Bro. Chuck went to a couple of the churches on Friday after they dropped off the fellows for a week break from Bible Inst.  (The Bible Inst. will be going on all the month of Oct. as we have another fellow coming over and helping teach.)  One of the villages, the guys went to needed to drop off iron sheets for the roof of the church they had completed, and the other one is the famous  BENINI!!  (death march - die before you get up the 85 degree incline place)  The village of Benini said that they had completed their church building and were ready for iron sheets too; so John needed to go and check and get measurements.  Chuck  had said that he was ready to try anything ONCE.  Well, when they got back, he said that he didn't think that there was any reason why he would ever need to go back there again.  It is just such an unreal trip.  I think that we need some young blood over here.  The guys made it back earlier than what they were thinking, so after a shower, nap, and supper - they were back to normal.
We are tossing around ideas for Christmas activities that we can do.  I would like to go to more hospitals,, give them a copy of the children's story books, and then some of the wards bags containing soap, sugar - different things that they can always use.  It is hard to believe but Christmas will be here pretty soon.

The government has approved of a shot gun we have, so the guys are driving up to the capital Mon.  It is about a 4 1/2 hour one way trip.  Then Tues. John and Bro. Mowery are going to Tangani and coming back Thurs evening.  There are suppose to be 60 pastors who are now coming to the once a month Bible teaching.  They are coming from Mozi as well as the surrounding areas.  That is pretty exciting!

God has brought a couple across our path who work down in the same area we are going to.  This couple has been down there for about 10 years and they know other people.  So next time all of us go down, we are hoping to spend some time with them and pick their brain and find out more about the particular cultural things for that area.

This coming Tues. Liz has done alot of work in getting the lady missionaries together for a time of fellowship.  Liz and I have talked about it for a while, and it has come together.  All of the ladies are looking forward to it, so I am glad we are doing something.  Don't know why we never did it earlier - Oh well.  Hopefully this will be an on going thing.   Thinking about a progressive supper next - that way the guys get in on it too.

Not much else new.  We truly thank you all for praying for us.  Satan is definitely not dead here.  BUT,  GOD  IS VERY  MUCH  ALIVE  AND  HERE  ALSO!!

                                        You are in our prayers and thoughts,  Darcy

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