Sunday September 30th

Good morning and good day, we had a great Sunday service, I finished the last installment of “Compassion” I think that was number 206 (hyperbole) and I hope it was effective because here in Malawi it is really needed. Rackson preached and his topic was compassion as well but he got a lot more response than I did and do. He is a very good evangelist and loves doing the work of such.  Grace was not able to attend, she was taken to the hospital yesterday for Malaria and now home resting.

I slept late this morning I did not get out of bed till 0630, that is the latest I have slept since I have been here. As you know we went to dinner last night at the Indian Club. We ordered at about 1600 and were done at 1930 with the ice-cream. It is the most fun I have had in a long time, we and I mean all of us played air-hockey, ping-pong, fuze-ball, and small table pool in between our servings of food. I cannot tell you how good the flat bread is. Both Liz and Johnathan told me it was the best time they have had in Malawi, that made my heart so glad. The food and table conversation was just great. A man would have to be very fast to get ahead of Harry.

On the way home he asked John when he needed to be ready for church, John said 0720 and that it was a small church far away maybe 20 or so in attendance. Without missing a beat Harry said maybe John should start later, we got to laughing so hard I thought we would leave the road.

I might be predigests but I think the choirs at Bible Way are about the best I have heard and it is like ours as they sing not to entertain but to praise the Lord-not a lot of loud singing and moving but just great harmony and reverence for what they are doing.

Well I got to go as the person who is translating the OT is coming and John would like us present.

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