Sunday September 16th

What a great way to finish a Sunday, for most of the day we had water and Escom. Liz prepared a fine breakfast and we had plenty of time before leaving for worship to get organized and underway. We were off to an old church with a new name and everyone was excited. Rackson, Grace and the children picked me up at 0930 and we were on the way to Njuli. From the Fullfords' compound it is only a twenty minute drive on a bad piece of road that is under construction, mostly hard packed dirt which turns to dust as soon as the wheels hit. John presented a wonderful bible class lesson which elicited many questions, many good questions which shows understanding. After John's bible lesson the woman’s choir gave us three songs. Then much to the delight of all the small children went on stage and delivered the scripture they had memorized for the week. They either recited the 119 psalm or John 11:35 many, many times because they were on stage a long time. After 2 songs by the young adults and teens offering was taken; twice  and we proceeded on with the preaching. Rackson delivered a very good sermon from Daniel chapter 3 and put in enough English that we could follow along without any problem, the Kid is good. The wind was up and we had a fantastic breeze through the building so not a fly or mosquito was to be seen.  We came home to a meal of rice and chicken (I sleep well now that it is quiet in the mornings-the chickens were cooked) and proceeded to a much anticipated rest. Dinner was every man for himself, I got the leftover meat loaf, called home and talked with Sheila, Mrs. Betty and the Pastor, got my recharge and soon it was time for evening service. John live streams from his home church in Fairbanks, AK we get it at 1830 our time it is their morning service, the feed is halted but understandable. The week coming up will be full of bible college for me,  can’t wait till Harry gets here, as John and Darcy will take a much longed for and needed mini-vacation (two days) up on the plateau and I will be master of all I survey. Also will spend time with Rackson planning another Jesus Film, working on the church which now has a completed baptistery, a very nice one and it should be as we have paid for it twice plus the dressing rooms are finished and we are about 85% complete on the classrooms, we have all the materials just need workman to do it. Also have several bible studies in nearby villages which round out a day very fast. I will send pictures soon as I get an opportunity.

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