September 19th

Yesterday was a grand day  in the Body, though veiled in sorrow the Church was enlarged by 51 precious souls who received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. A call came from an independent church in the village of Mpeni in a nearby district where John has been working, the village is about a 90 minute  walk from the only place to park a vehicle, that there was a death there. It was a great opportunity for the preaching of the gospel and an even better opportunity for some OJT for the institute  pastors so I gave them Kwacha for transport, food, and for the casket and a little left over for them and sent them on their way. With no bible class yesterday I was free to get a lot of personal things done and a little more study on the class subject of “the Book of Daniel” as this is the book the students wanted to become more proficient in before Harry arrives next week. That is one of the topics he will be teaching only in much greater depth than what I am doing in my class.

About 1830 last evening the pastors came to make report on the day’s event and were some kind of excited. There were over 600 in attendance for the funeral and better than 1000 for the  graveside service, they were not able to stay for the graveside service as that would have put them in the dorm way to late and they would not be any good for class to day. We must have talked 30 minutes about what all took place and to top it off 3000 kwacha (about $10.00) was returned to me, not a first but close, I’ll venture. Class starts in a few minutes and I can’t wait to hear more of their adventure. Till next time. Bro. Chuck

P.S. this Friday I will be going to Mpeni to visit the church, pray for my feet.  

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