More about the Jesus Film September 29th

Last evening was our scheduled appointment in the village of Nmadzi and we left well before sundown as natural light is needed to set up. Almost all Jesus Film presentations are the same the only differences are the distance to the village and the local Evangelists who will be making the verbal presentation during the opening and closing remarks. Nmadzi  is about 40 minutes away from where I am staying. All the equipment must be hauled to site and set up in an area large enough to hold a lot of people. A few days before the film flyers are passed out to the area after permission is given by the Chief.

Upon arrival the truck is unloaded and the equipment is set up and the generator is fired up and we are in business.  The crowd begins to show up early and gospel music and pictures are shown and a mood of reverence is encouraged by the staff. At first the children come but later as it gets dark the adults come as the work is done at home and in the fields.

Opening remarks are made and thanks is given to the Lord and to the person who is making the film possible, in this case Bible Way Baptist Church (Milton, FL). The film is started and the people get comfortable for a two plus hour presentation of the life of Jesus. It starts in the very beginning in Genesis to establish sin and its consequences, the promise of Abraham and a complete picture of Jesus from birth to His resurrection and ascension into heaven, all from the book of Luke. The film is paused at the crucifixion and a salvation message is preached after which an alter call is made. Then the film is resumed till the end at which time tracks and John and Romans are given to those who have made a profession of faith in the Lord.
A follow up visit is made to the area and bible studies are offered and many times a church will be planted in that village.
From start to finish is about 5 hours depending on drive time, same for cost. The longer the drive the greater the cost of fuel. I think this is one of the best ways to get the Gospel to the people, hundreds were reached last night many, many tracts were passed out and many bible studies were made. This work is truly a blessing not only for the people of Malawi but for those who present the work. I know my heart is made glad. I want to thank all who made these three film presentations possible, may God bless you and keep you.
Because of the Cross, Bro. Chuck Miller
 Bible Way Baptist Church
Milton, Fl
William B. Wright, Pastor   

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