Sunday September 2nd

Church was well attended today after a slow start for bible study, we started about 15 minutes late and I don’t like, that it is so Malawian. I taught class about the three types of people in church; the comfortable, the invisible and the sold out to the Lord. It was a short lesson and well received, I think. Rackson had a barn burner of a sermon, of course I warmed them up. It is much better to have a national pastor preach, first of all they know the people and speak the language. All I am is to a draw and a little entertainment. However the Lord works me, is just fine with me. Grace, Rackson’s wife is as lovely as ever and is a good wife to Rackson she really supports him in his ministry. After services I was invited to the men’s business meeting and we talked of the future of the church, I was told that they pray for BWBC Milton always and love their sister church and yes they love me also, even the children. Much of the upkeep of Bible way comes from Rackson and I would guess he could use a little help in that area  but I tell them not to rely on Rackson but God for their needs, me thinks we need a little teaching in that area.
John, Rackson and I are planning a Jesus film this coming Friday and Rackson and I are planning some days for soul winning this coming week. If I can get that done while here everything else is just more blessings.  Till next time, Good bless and keep you all. Bro. Chuck

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