Monday September 3rd

What a great day, if you’re a Malawian. No water no Escom and still the work goes on. John and I went to Thyolo (Cho-low) district to pick up some equipment that was used in a pastor’s conference last week. Stopped at the home of one of the students here at the bible institute.  His home is about an hour away, and had a real nice visit. We will all be going to a bible study this coming Wednesday, I an not sure where but it must be a long ways away as we will be taking the lorry. Took it this morning and I am sore but only from head to foot.   Rackson is coming over a  little later and we will be planning the Jesus film for Friday. Mr. Patel has invited us to dinner this coming Thursday night and I am really looking forward to that. When we got back from Thyolo the water and Escom were still off so it was a hardboiled egg, cheese and black bread for lunch. I did some bible study and had to hand write the notes which I had forgotten how to do in the age of computers. This is a beautiful country but it has to be one of the most dirty in the world. On the road you are either breathing petrol fumes or dust that is blinding or choking or both, kind of takes the fun out of a trip, ahh but it is the adventure that counts. I do not know what the rest of the day will bring but God is good and I look forward to His direction. Charles  the adventurer sends

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