Wednesday Bible Study

We started for bible study at 1000 got there at 1230 class was under trees, I will send pictures but we are on generator power and I don’t trust it to keep working. Got home at about 1630 and took a cold bucket shower as no power to heat water. Darcy and Liz fixed a wonderful cold meal of salads and cheese and meats and outstanding bread. After all those hours and miles in the lorry I just want to hit the rack and read and go to sleep. Had a small group for study because one of the churches that was to attend had a funeral and you know what that means. Guess who got to teach the children? All 30 + I keep them spellbound for about 30 minutes, John says that is a record, then a few went to sleep and a few just got up and walked off and some just played while I talked. I taught them the love of God starting in Gen 1:1 and took then all the way to the cross, I tell ya there are a lot of great stories in the bible and if you do it right the little ones will pay attention, I got to play all the parts and the kids had a ball and so did I. James who is also a student at the college was my interpreter, he was good not like having Rackson. 

Stopped by and saw Mr. Patel he reassured us that dinner was still on for tomorrow.  I told him I was very glad to be invited. He asked after you and I told him you sent your best to him and the family.  He is a very lovely man. I think soon he is going to sell the shop to his son and he is going to move to the U.K. to be with his wife and children.  Good night from Africa.   

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