Trip to Nsanje

Here are some pictures of the work being done on the next phase of John's vision for here in Nsanje, Malawi (it has to be the hottest, driest and dustiest place in Africa). He has about 15 acres of land in a rather odd shape but flat with a slight rise in the center, good for drainage. The compound will be walled as always. The two doors ways seen in the wall to the right is where the church will be. It will be 3/4 out of the compound and 1/4 inside the compound sharing a common wall, which saves a lot of money in brick, the offices and such will be inside and separate from the public portion of the church. The storage and workshop is almost completed and just needs a roof and cosmetic items such as cement and such. The classrooms and dorms will ring the outer walls and John expects to have 20 students a year who will be on the compound full time so a cook house and eating area will also be provided with a library and bathing facilities. Off to the left will be Johns home and there will be a smaller house for Mrs. Goodman and possibly a guest instructors house. It has Escom and John will have a borehole (well) put in and many things that will make it not only a dwelling place but a home. This is a long range project with the college, homes and church first and the rest as God allows. When finished it will be a wonderful work to the glory of our Lord. A college, a church, a medical clinic and a home to missionaries who are willing to preach and teach the word of God. I only wish I had the words to express how great a work God is doing in Malawi and how humbling it is to be a small part in that work.
Thank you Bible Way Baptist family and all my friend who are a part of the
and a part of my heart. Bro. Chuck "the dusty" Miller     

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