Thursday September 6th

 What a wonderful day, up at 0430 and the water was on so I took a shower and it was great, I washed my hair and that was great. Everyone was up and Liz had breakfast on the stove. The kids were going for a two day outing climbing Mt. Malunge (3000 + meters) They will reach base this afternoon and set up camp and go for the summit in the morning and then come back to base and return home sometime tomorrow. Dave will pick them up as his two boys are also on the adventure. John and Darcy took the kids to the drop off point and left at 0600 and will be home at 0930 so I am left to hold down the fort. Listening to music on the computer and the day is just grand. Have both Escom and hot water, when John gets home we will test all the electronics for the Jesus film for tomorrow. Looking forward to dinner this evening.  I see the many prayer requests.

The pile of old bricks you see by the lorry is the old church.
They are in the process of building a new one and have fired the bricks but for whatever reason they waited for John to come and ask if it was alright to start.  He explained it was their church and they did not have to ask to do anything. It should have been done by now before rainy season starts. Being independent is a difficult concept for a Malawian.  Anyway I taught all the kids you see in the pictures plus a lot more who came a little later.  Kind of neat teaching under a tree just like 2000 years age and it still works, I think we have made it to hard in America. 

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