Sunday September 23rd

What  a wonderful Sunday, up at 0530 to hot water and hot coffee, yes we had water and Escom and still do and it is 1345. Yesterday we had neither till late in the evening and the water was red with dirt. After a great breakfast prepared by Liz I had time to study my Sunday school lesson and listen to Redeemed before Rackson came to pick me up at 0930.

Church started on time and I was very pleased at the attendance for SS, I guess the weekly reminders about getting to church on time is beginning to pay off. After several songs from the choir and congregation, a few announcements and prayers it was my time. I taught once again on compassion as this is one of the areas the church is lacking and lacking big time. I held the Lord up as the only example to follow and was about 2/3 done when my time was up. I was at a natural stopping place so I will finish up next week, Lord willing.

After the break, announcements, (Bible Way is now Independent, Mrs. Goodman is invited to teach) tithe and offerings, songs from both choirs and prayers it was Johns time to preach. It was a fine sermon and one that was well received as nine souls were added to the kingdom at the conclusion of the invitation. He preached John 6:60-71 titled “ will you turn back” very good lesson. We plan to ask the church committee if we may hold sick call in two week after church. We will close the doors and hold sick call treating what we can and helping in whatever way God directs. This will be so good for the church as it is hoping to grow. Nobody remembered the camera so maybe next week I will send pictures of worship and all the improvements at Bible Way Baptist Church Njuli.

Tomorrow we are off to the capitol, it is about 5 hours one way and the business should take no more than an hour (Malawi time?). We will have lunch and shop for Darcy as Lilongwe has a lot bigger stores for shopping. Till next time, God bless and keep you. Your friend in Malawi.

Because of the Cross, Bro. Chuck

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