Getting ready for Jesus Film September 29th

Here we are getting ready for the Jesus Film, we are the three Amigos or the three stooges your pick:) We are off to the village of Nmadzi and the Lord was magnified. We did not look so clean and nice when we got home.  The ones of Harry with the kids are while we were waiting for the rest of the team to get there. We had a miscommunication and were late as they were in one place waiting and we were in another, three stooges I think. When we did all get together, we were in a place we did not find suitable so we moved a few minutes to a different location that turned out to be much better and a lot safer to be in the dark.

Harry as the children are gathering
 Tonight was a wonderful night for a Jesus we had 300 plus adults and 130 plus young/small children. The kids were very obedient during the film and many, many raised their hands and accepted Christ. I don’t know how many but God does and the glory is to the Lord.

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