Thursday and Friday!

The good news, John got back from Nsanje about 2120  last evening, I was in bed already. Why you ask because I went for a long walk with the guard dogs and the kids, my mistake. I wondered about these dogs as during the day they are caged most of the time with the exception of the weekends. When un-caged  they seem to pay no attention as people come and go from the compound, black or white, the blacks will not come near the dogs caged or not.

While walking on the leash during the late afternoon we had a blast the dogs brought along their soccer ball, yes it fits in their mouth with room left over. When we got to an uninhabited area we let  them run. The female, whom I have treated to many little pieces of jerky over the last few weeks now loves me. I was sitting on a rock ledge that came up out of the ground resting and watching them run, well she decided I needed a lick on the face and proceeded to jump up on me knocking me off the ledge and stepping on my chest gave me a wet one, I thought I was about to die, she caused my chest to expel all my air and I now have a large bruise in the shape of a paw print and hurt, but only when I breathe.  On the way home we had them on the leash because it had gotten semi dark, Well the female spotted a kid on a bike waaaay down the trail and took off like a bat of a bad dream I could not stop her as I was not expecting her dash for death, by time I got her to slow down it was almost too late, my legs are now killing me with that run over hill and dale. All the way home they challenged each and every person we met, I now know how they work, in the light they just watch but in the dark they work at what they do, guard. What a walk. Well I got to go as I am first up for class. Next week should be great as we (John & I ) will be going down south through Mulanje, Thyolo and on to Nsanje and when we get back to this area we will be doing a Jesus Film with Rackson and a village yet TBA.

 The power just went out so I’ll close before the short battery life goes out. Tell everyone hi for me and I think of them often.

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